Dec 28, 2009
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Can someone give me 3 formations to play with Ac milan i want to bring instant success back to milan

Thanks Matt
Can someone give me 3 formations to play with Ac milan i want to bring instant success back to milan

Thanks Matt

I have moved the thread to the correct subfoum.

On Topic: Are you looking for us to tell you what 3 formations that suits them best or do you wamt to be linked to 3 uploaded tactic ?
Also, It might be good to tell us about any players to intend to sell/sign etc and if you are willing to use shouts etc.

Thanks. umm i want you guys to link me to the tactics and im gona keep the team basic and depending on which formations you guys give me i will buy/loan players for the formations
Thanks Matt
Anyone kinda need formations now

Have a look at this one ( no download, you set them up your self)




Disclaimer: This is in no way emulation.

here, we will find not 2 or 3 but 4 approaches. The key is to see if your players are finding space thatthey can exploit or of they have to create it them selfes, if the players need to sit deeper and counter or if you have to push up and gain control by hassle the opponent

Also suited for

Man City. Liverpool. Chelsea, Spurs, Man UTD

1st strategy: Attacking Possession

Although this is the main approach, you will probably need the other ones just as much. Perhaps not as Man U in your 4th​ season in the league but as Spurs in the CL, you need to be more cautious then this. Here, we play a fluid control based approach and let our wingers provide lots of width and we hassle the opponent and at the same time we try to keep possession when getting back the ball

If you have complete wingers, use them as Defensive wingers. If they are weak but really pacey , the use them as Wingers

Extra Shout: Against team sitting really deep, with lots of players behind the ball,its important that the runs from deep dont come too early from the advanced players in th wide postions, creating too many gaps between our stratas Here, I always include
from the start


2nd​ Strategy: Direct Counter

Here, we play on the counter, getting the ball forward. Unlike in the first approach, we use inside forwards instead of wingers, a poacher instead of a complete FC and a TQ instead of an AMC, all with the purpose of making the AMR/L able to find space inside. This approach is mainly used against teams that do provide us with some space to exploit, like most middle teams do at their home ground when they try to attack.


3rd​ Strategy Cool it man!!

A way to cool things down without sitting too deep. This is an approach I rather like when wanting to see out a 3-0 result and I don’t want to score more at the cost of risking conceding


4th​ Strategy Cautious Counter

Here, we are playing much more cautious, perhaps an approach that will mainly be used away to really good teams or when wanting to grind out a result