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Jan 9, 2011
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Contemplating doing a Italian career and naturally I'd like to start at one of the Milans, but I'm not sure which? A.C have the more appealing players in Pato, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Nesta, Pirlo etc, but their defence seems not the best. However, Inter have potent strikers in Eto'o and Militio, Pandev and Sneijder also are epic and so is their defence with Maicon, Chivu etc, and also Julio Cesar is brilliant. But which would bring better success, better football etc? Your views please, and if you have had experience, please share. Thank you!
AC Milan as it is more of a challenge, plus you'll have to rebuild their squad after a few seasons due to a lot of their players being over 30. Inter's squad could survive for about 3 years then you'd only have to rebuild the defence.

AC probably need good full-backs on both sides, a good goalkeeper and some replacement central midfielders to replace Pirlo, Gattuso, Ambrosini and Seedorf.

Inter only really need a left back and maybe some back up players.

For this reason, I'd choose AC over Inter.
Depends if you identify with a white collar team (A.C) or a blue collar team. (inter)
I'd go for AC, harder challenge as Inter have the superior players, but Pato is exciting, and it would be a good challenge to get the AC glory days back :)
Milan - 0mil.
Inter - 24mil.

I start with Inter few days ago and I buy Conetrao for LB, and Modric, playing with one striker (Eto'o) and Milito is fantastic sub
A.C. are a much bigger challenge than Inter. So for that, A.C.
Go AC Milan and I swear the have better finaces over the next few seasons + I prefer AC.....
san marino:D
seria C2/b
now there's a challenge.
but out of the 2 milans i'd go for AC
It depends on whether you want a challenge or you want to win easier. Inter has a big budget and AC a 0 budget a the beginning. I think Inter also has the better squad, although AC has with Ibra, Ronaldinho, Robinho and Pato a few very talented players.
I would recommend you AC, but if Inter suits you more don't hesitate
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