A Couple Of Things For My Villa Game


Dec 9, 2008
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I've just started a new game with Aston Villa and had a couple of questions about players I've bought and how to employ them.

Renan - bought from Avai for 2.7m

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Has anybody had this guy in any of their games. He looks a really well-rounded GK for just 19. I've bought him as back-up to Friedel but I know Friedel really starts going downhill during the second half of the season. So should I put this new guy in from now(its september in my game) or will I just play him in Cup and European teams and the odd league game?

Dede - future transfer from Vasco

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Im getting Dede on a free from Vasco in January. He looks like he could develop into a great replacement for Dunne as a commanding stopper at the back, BUT does he actually get very good or just average?

Also in the transfer window I bought Steven pienaar 5.5m, Cheik M'Bengue 6.5m, Steven Defour 8m.
I got Danilo from Santos, Lucas Gaucho from Sao Paulo and Sulejmani from Ajax all on loan.

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Any Ideas on how I should integrate these players into the team and roles they are suited to?

I play a 4-1-2-2-1 formation like this.

Philosophy: Fluid
Starting Strategy: Attacking
Passing Style: Shorter
Roaming: More Roaming
The rest of the playing style settings are Default.

GK(Defend- Goalkeeper): Friedel
RB(Automatic- Full Back): Danilo/Young
LB(Automatic - Full Back): Warnock/M'Bengue
CB(Covering- Central Defender): Davies
CB(Stopper- Central Defender): Dunne
DM(support - Denfensive Mid): Petrov
CM(Support - Centre Midfielder): Defour
CM(Attack - Centre Midfielder): Ireland
AMR(Attack - Inside Forward): Pienaar
AML(Attack - Inside Forward): Young
ST: Agbonlahor
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I would play suljemani a lot, his stats improve rapidly when he is played AML - Winger - Attack, for my Everton team in first season he was sooooo good