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A crash course in managment, Denis Irwins story

Jun 18, 2010
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This is my first story of fm 2013 and will be using the new update as theirs no possiblilty of cheat signings like adryan, ademilson and wellington nem for stupidly low fees. As I don’t have internet myself and can only access it weekly at best I will post long updatesat least 1 a week .Also I don’t want to wait for jobs to come available so I will look at jobs available from the start and if none take my fancy I will choose a team this story will chronicle the management career of former united great Denis Irwin.

Former Manchester United Star 47 year old Irishman Denis Irwin embarks on his long awaited management career today it is said that Irwin will be looking at a few possibilities as he wishes to start his career early this year.
With many clubs looking to find new managers early in the season a preseason appointment looks very likely.
In an earlier Interview when asked if he would return to any of his former clubs to manage Irwin had this to say.
‘I won’t be stating anything on my future or possible jobs right now, I will be looking for the right job for myself and the club in question. A manager and a club sometimes find synergy and that’s what I hope to feel when I am appointed. Of course in the future I would love to return to Manchester United as this is a club I hold dearly to my heart and it is my dream to return their as manager. But only a good start to my career will make this possible, Sir Alex Fergusson is the greatest manager of all time in my opinion and as no desire to leave, so that job is taken’
It is understood that Denis Irwin will be starting his new career as a manager in pre-season as he wants time to get to know histeam staff and players.

In early pre-season it is said that 3 npower league1 teams jobs are available and Irwin as applied for 2 and will be hoping to start his career at one of these clubs.

As Both Swindon Town and Oldham Athletic have offered their vacant jobs to Denis Irwin it is said that Irwin will be embarking on his new role soon.

Denis Irwin Hired as Oldham Athletic Manager.

After taking the vacant managerial position at Oldham Athletic a sky sports correspondent caught up with Denis Irwin and initiated an interview.

‘Good day Mr Irwin it as been made public that you have taken the role as new manager of Oldham Athletic was this decision made due to your history with the club as you spent 4 years here before joining Manchester United’
Irwin ‘Yes it was really a formality as soon as I knew the job was available I am positive this is the right place for me to start my career.

‘There are rumours going around you turned down a 3 year contract and only signed a one year deal does this mean this will only be a brief stay’

Irwin ‘Even though I see where these comments would come from I think it is unfair to dismiss my seriousness about this position I opted for a shorter stay due to the fact I wished to adapt my own philosophy and promised the board I would look to take advantage of all set piece opportunities, this is something I had to take a pay cut and a lower amount of time on my contract to put in place as this is a change of philosophy and the board would like a trial period. I will make it known that all players loaned to this club under the past regime will be sent back as I will look to use the loan market to secure some of my preferred targets as there will be no funds to spend at this moment in time. Now as I have only just taken the job and not had time to get to know my staff and players that will be all’
These players will be Chris Iwelumo, Lee Barnard and Jordan Obita

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Jun 18, 2010
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Team report

Alex Cisak – 23 year old GK from Australia, I like the look of him seems very promising at the moment he is said to be a leading star for league 2 but I believe he will do a sufficient job in league 1. He is said to have the potential also to become a championship leading star so is definitely one for the future. He as decent bravery and composure for this level and should make him a reliable back line.

Dean Bouzanis – 21 year old GK from Australia, is a reliable backup said to have the potential to be a leading star for league 1 so doesn’t really have a long future at the club in my opinion but will do a job when needed does have a high tendency to punch and eccentricity which or 2stats im not a fan of but his determined attitude should make him reliable.

I believe the 2 players to be good enough for the first team will need to find a 3rd​ keeper as backup to the backup though as its important to have somebody able to come in.

Connor Brown - 19 year old RB from England, is said to be a decent player for league 2 at the moment but should do a good job in this league due to the fact he as the potential to be a leading player in the team if I get promoted to the championship. As decent pacer and speed and should get past his man easily enough, also able to a job defensively only problem is a lack of crossing ability which I will work on in training.

Carl Winchester – 19 year old CM from Northern Ireland,is a decent player for this league and should do a ok job in the future is more of a CM but can come in if needed for RB is natural fitness at 15 make him very reliable and gives him much needed versatility as we have a bare minimum squad

Cliff Byrne – 30 year old CB from Rep Ireland, seems reliable only good enough for the league we are in as a RB so will be Backup to Winchester in case of injuries. Byrne is however a work horse with over 15 for most mental attributes, determination, influence, work rate, which could come in handy if needed here.

Jonathan Grounds can also do a job here if needed but will be utilised as my first team LB so is only available if no one else is fit.

Much needed backup here as Winchester is going to be a future CM not RB and only Connor Brown will do a job here that I would be satisfied with both offensively and defensively.

CB - Jean - Yves M’Voto 23 year old French CB has very good physical attributes including 16 Strength and Jumping makes him very good in the air and a brick wall to get past should be my main CB for years to come at only 23 and one of the better players at the club. Also has good tackling, marking and heading which are good for this league should be even better if worked on in training, one of my most important players if to be successful. Potential to be good in championship also

CB - Cliff Byrne 30 year old CB from Rep Ireland, as stated further up can do a reliable job in RB but here is where he is to be mostly utilised his mental attributes don’t only make him a reliable CB but the club captain and a mainstay alongside M’voto I believe if these to are fit and able to play he will be hard to get past. He also as good marking, tackling and heading for this league but is a true leader and very important.

James Tarkowski - 19 year old CB from England, he is the perfect replacement and successor to Byrne as he is a reliable player for this league now and with good training he can become the mainstay CB alongside M’voto for the future as he is said to be a potential good player for the Championship. Being only 19 his stats are not great nothing over 13 but he as ok mental attributes and decent defensive attributes nurtured the right way could be a star.

Jonathan Grounds mostly a LB good backup CB but will do a good job here if needed.

As we have 4 players capable of playing in CB this is a thin area and need reinforcements and without them we could be in trouble especially if M’voto and Byrne get injured. Must be reinforced.
Glenn Belezika is an honourable mention here as he isn’t good enough to do a job yet but as potential for the future good mental attirbutes may need a season on loan if I can reinforce the CB position but will be baptised by fire if not and used as a backup.

Jonathan Grounds – 24 year old LB from England, as shown before his a very versatile defender and can do a job in all 3 positions if needed will be trained in RB also as may be important with his versatility if we receive any injuries. Is on of the best players at the club and an important player in the backline, as some good physical attributes will not really get down the flank as well as Brown on the opposite flank but can put in a decent cross. Also able to put in a good throw which utilised the right way could be dangerous in this league.

David Mellor - 19 year old ML from England can play anywhere on the left flank and also in CM will be used as a backup on the left flank unless injuries mean he needs to come into CM. at 19 doesn’t have great attributes yet but will be a good player in the future.

Connor Brown can come in here also if needed.
Very thin here need a backup LB as Mellor looks more like a LM and isn’t really going to do a good enough job here.

Lee Croft - 27 year old RM from England is usually utilised as a AMR but as I will be playing a 4-4-2 this isn’t where he will be used. He is one of our most important players with the lack of good enough RM and his lack of consistency is a worry but with his amount of skill and crossing ability he is needed and I think he will come up good when needed especially in the important games. Good player for this league not a viable future option but should do the job this season.

Connor Hughes – 19 year old RM from England as he is19 his stats are not great he is reliable on both wings and will defiantly be used not great for this league and not a viable future option. Only a utility player a new backup winger is needed.

Not really got enough cover here Paul Murray, Robbie Simpson, and Carl Winchester can be brought in here if needed but will only do a reasonable job.

With the lack of wingers Englishman Chris Sutherland will be used as a backup as the potential to be a Championship player and if used right a mainstay for years to come doesn’t have great attributes and his only 16 usually he would be sent out on loan but the lack of players means another baptism by fire and could be very important. His pace and acceleration make him a player who can get past his man. He is also able to play on the left wing may be utilised there more.

Dean Furman - 24 year old CM from South Africa is a workhorse very good mental and physical attributes one of the most important players in the team and a possible international which experience can only helpthe team. His stamina means he will keep going and going which could be very important and much needed in the center of midfield. He is a true ball winner in the mold of Michael Carrick and will look to pass the ball out to more creative players.

James Wesolowski - 24 year old CM from Australia as amazing mental attributes which could make him very important not very good physical ones though and could mean he wont be reliable and could be injury prone another work horse and will also look for more creative players which could mean himself and Furman wont work good together unless against a bigger team and one may need to go to bring in much needed funds. Does have a bit more creativity and may be able to find a pass.
Is the most likely to go due to his potential injury problems.

Paul Murray - 35 year old CM from England firstly he is very ageing and may be a player who leaves if the right replacement is found. He as no future at this club. Is avery good backup and a more creative spark who can find a pass he also as very good mental attributes and a potential captain. A very determined player who will do a sufficient job.
Youssouf N’changama – 21 year old CM from the unknown Comoros he as a good stats and looks to be a future star can also do a very good job now looks a promising player who Ivery much will be keeping my eye on. Is a team player and won’t do a very good job defensively but could but someone who can create an opportunity. As the potential to be a leading star in league 1 so could be a future player if worked with properly.

Jose baxter, Carl Winchester, David Mellor and Robbie Simspon can all do a job here this isn’t a position that really needed improving unless the right creative spark can be found.

Jose Baxter could be this creative spark if needed I will look to utilize him as my main poacher but he could be brought back here if needed.

Cristiano Montano - 20 year old LM from Columbia he as pace acceleration dribbling and crossing he is a definite threat down the left side and will cause the opposition lots of problems as potential to be one of the better players in the club. A good potential championship player a mainstay at the team could be the main star of the team. Very important.

David Mellor he is preferable in this role but will be a more defensive option against the bigger teams. With Montano’s pace used at the end against tired legs
He is a good utility player and can player all across the left side and as the potential to be a very good player in the future at 19 years old.

Chris Sutherland and Connor Hughes will also be used on this flank too.


Jose ‘the poacher’ Baxter 20 year old from England former Evertonian. He is by far the best player at the club and as potential to lead the line fo rmany years even in the premier league. As good pace finishing and composure for this league and will be a constant threat he is the leading man of the team.
He is a good championship player now with potential be a decent premier league player.
Will be hard to keep hold of past this season but will be tied down to a long contract as soon as possible.

Robbie Simpson - 27 year old Englishman ST will be used as aback up in striker, right wing, and cm as the creative spark very reliable on the bench and can play either as a poacher are a target man. May be the leading man dpending on the other target mans performances. As great determination and work rate.

Cristiano Montano will be used here if needed as Mellor can do a good job on the left and his pace and trickery could be an asset up front.

The Target Man

Matt Smith – 23 year old ST from England he is very tall as great leaping ability and decent strength and can use this in high effect toh old the ball up he will look to bring Baxter into play and look for pass rather than shot and will also be the main threat from set pieces I believe he is highly underated and can do a job at any level a constant threat in the air. He also as good workman like abilities and will keep going. Only said to be good enough for this league but I think he will do a great job.

Will look for a backup striker as injuries will hurt the team.

Overall I believe we are capable of doing what is needed without too many injures and our leading men taking control of games. Reniforcements or needed though.
GK, CB, wing back, winger and striker maybe also a creative spark in midfield. Not really in need of first teamers which is very good.

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Jun 18, 2010
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View attachment 323707 I will be using a basic 4=4=2 as I think this is a very reliable formation that will provide sufficient cover for all positions and also is very stable. if you would like any more screenies please comment