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Aug 6, 2010
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This is my first FM11 story, so please try and be nice. Constructive criticism (means telling what I can do to improve it) welcome.


18th of June 2010
I've finally completed my last FA badge and I'm now close to becoming the new Crawley Town manager. I was overjoyed that my club would be Crawley, not cause they are rich, but I'll be close to my family and friends and I wouldn't have to move homes. Perfect! Later that day, my heart shattered into pieces when my wife told me she wanted to open a restaurant in Ceuta, Spain. That meant, obviously, I wouldn't get my dream job. At first, I tried to convince her out of it, but being the suborn wife that she is, and me being the kind of guy that does anything for my wife, we eventually decided to move to Ceuta.


1st of July 2010
"You have quite a bit of experience as a coach but not as a manager. Maybe we could open an exception for you, but it may take a while." said my "hopefully" future boss and, in an even more distant future, my ex-boss. What? You really don't think I'm going to be here in a couple of years, do you? Well, all I can do now is wait.
*phone rings*: "Hey. It's me, your boss. Yeah that's right, you will get your first job as a football manager in a great club. So when can you start."
"Tomorrow?! Immediately?!"
I replied, with half a chicken breast sandwich in my mouth. Damm my mouth is big, I wonder if I can put a... never mind. It's to dirty to say.