Sep 11, 2012
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So after I complete my little Boro story I am going to move onto a new one. As for my older story it will be finishing due to the fact I just put FM on my pc, I was originally playing on my mac which was real slow. Anyways onto the goods.

I haven't seen any of these ever posted yet but, this is going to be a story of a manager. His name Jesse Toulson (Completely fictional) I will start unemployed as him and find a club. You will see unemployment, changes in club and he won't be just sticking to one country. As I slightly stated above instead of me focusing on the clubs I will focus on the manager. Club choices will be made due to salary, structure, reputation and favorites as most managers choose by. (I have loaded: England, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Holland. England reaches the Blue square North/south. France - Ligue 2. Germany - Second Division, Italy - Serie B. Spain - LIGA adelante. Both Holland and Portugal he will only be able to play the top divisions)

I will provide background on Toulson in the next post. As I have yet to make one.

I am really quite excited about this story please please please give me feedback as it really helps me figure out what everyone likes. Thank you.
Jesse Toulson
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Born: 20th of February 1983
Nationality: England
Favorite Clubs: Tottenham, Malaga, Crystal Palace and Dortmund
Personality: Loves a challenge
What impresses him: Youth and determination​

Background: This is Jesse Toulson he grew up just north of London in the town of Enfield. The Toulson's family consisted of five children three boys and two girls, with mum and dad. Jesse was the second youngest only one sister separated him from the bottom of chain. His family revolved around football. Jesse's father was a keen footballer when he was younger but never player for any semi-professional or professional teams and opted to be a more than keen Spurs fan. Jesse was the only one in the family to be seen as a potential footballer. He showed a knack for controlling and playing the ball in the midfield and caught the eye of the Spurs youth department at an early age. Working his way through the ranks Jesse finally made it to the reserves at the age of nineteen where he hit a wall and was shipped off to Crystal Palace in 2002. Toulson established himself quickly there producing a great run of appearances and by the end of the 2004/05 season with Palace relegation he was seen as part of the back bone in the Palace squad and was the Vice Captain. His future looked bright when his old team Spurs came knocking on his door for their push to win Champions League football, Jesse couldn't refuse. Jesse had already represented his country on ten occasions by then. For four million pounds Jesse was brought into the Lilywhites arms again to Jesse's fathers delight. All looked well when in his first week the worst thing happened. The pop, Toulson ACL was ruptured. Months of recovery was the only future Toulson could see and a year went past and he returned to football, but never the same. Loaned out to many clubs but, never played any first team games for Spurs for many a year. Subsequently Toulsons pulled short his once prospected bright future to retire at the age of 25 in 2008. Years went past and Jesse still longed to be part of the great sport till one day four years later Toulson took a step forward to being a manager. With leadership skills of a captain he would give it a whirl.

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