A few novice FM23 Touch questions


Aug 7, 2023
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So, as title suggest, I am complete novice with FM, my only previous experience was Total Club Manager 2005 (what a game!). And I have a few questions that might been asked before, but it's pretty hard to find the answers for those. Also, I play FM23 Touch (currently I don't have any PC), so from my understanding it's a bit different from PC version https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/ .
  1. Corners. I score maybe like 1 out of 50 corners and from what I've heard from YT, there supposed to be some "broken" tactics for corners? I've tried near post, far post, short, mixed, moved players, always aiming for best attacking options like Lukaku, etc. Still defence always gets the ball. I also concede corners very rare. Is it a Touch thing and it's different for PC version or I am doing something wrong?
  2. Scouting talents and wonderkids. Seen a lot videos about (again, PC version videos) and it doesn't seem to work at all when I setup it. Or do I just need to wait? Currently at my second season.
  3. Team shouts — does it even work? I feel like every time I do these I only get red faces, only exception would be "Praise" which is almost always working good.
  4. Long shots. I hate those both IRL and in FM23 Touch, because 95% of the time those shots are just basically giving the ball to the other team. All my instructions all always be like "Shoot less" and yet I see between 3 to 5+ longshots outside of the box in every game. Often times in the situations where pass would benefit significantly more than a shot. Is there any way to avoid those countless shots outside of the box?
  5. Sometimes I can't offer to sign a decent coaching stuff with 4.5 stars because my board wouldn't allow the wages. Even if I have like 50 mil + 3 mil wages budget available. What can be the reason?
  6. How long does it take from player to learn a completely new position? Currently trying to make a deep lying playmaker (defence) out of L. DIGNE, it seems like he has everything for it attribute wise.
So far I've only finished one season without simulations, took 2nd Place with Inter Milan (lost goal difference to Napoli at the very last game, also lost to Napoli Italy Cup final, it was a pain, I resigned after this and went to Aston Villa).
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