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A few players I have found

Dec 4, 2008
I started a game as Dunfermline recently, however I have signed these players for teams of championship and lower and they all do well not only now but also in the future....

Paul Mulrooney MC - Hearts, can be signed for 10k, good solid midfielder when used in a support role as box to box midfielder

Blair Tolmie DC - Celtic, can be signed for roughly 6 to 10k, stong defender, his stats dont look that good but trust me, he is a strong backup player to have, could be made better with tutoring and training schedules im sure.

Ryan Wallce SC - Hearts, I got him for 9k, he is one for the future to be honest, but my scouts rate him highly.

Other players I got for Dunfermline include, Ross Perry, Rangers (loan) Andis Shala, Dundee Utd (loan), Kal Naismith, Rangers 6k and Romone Rose, QPR 24k

As I say the stats are not particularly impressive, but they all perform well for me in every save that I have played in lower leagues in Scotland and England, hope this helps guys....

Will attach screenshots to this...hope it works for once...