A Fulham Story: Long Road to Glory


Oct 17, 2014
Well here goes my first attempt at a manger story ever, Hope people enjoy it

Team: Fulham
Media Prediction: 3rd
My Target: Top 2 Finish
Transfer Budget: 3.5 Mil
Strenghs: - Healthy Finances

- Few Talented Senior Players: Parker, Ruiz, McCormack

Weaknesses: - Lack of depth in CM

- Concerns with Kiray being number Goalkeeper

Initial thought's and Pre Season

My first objective was to try and bring in some force and strength in Centre Midfield as Scott Parker is are only main option with Eisfeld and Davids being youthful options watc out for. Also on the lookout for a Striker to challenge the talented Woodrow as well as a young Keeper ready for when Kiraly leaves and hopefully Stekenberg will stay next season. My decision for the formation to start off with, will be:


Stafydis Burn Budurov Hoogland

New DM

Parker Davids

McCormack Ruiz


So after having a long search for new players I got 4 new ones in which aim will give me more strength.

Players In

Francis Coquelin DM/CM (On Loan from Aresnal )
Tara Mykhalyk: CD/CM
Damián Martinez: GK
Nicky Maynard: ST
Harry Forrester: AM/Winger

Players Out

Fernando Amorebieta - 2.3Mil to Swansea

After a busy first transfer window I am very happy with my transfer business with the squad having more depth too challenge for the top 2. With Coquelin being the only new player in the starting eleven with the rest going onto the bench.

Pre- Season

Resulted in a solid start to my Fulham Team with 3 Wins, 1 Draw and 1 Loss.

August results will be up soon and details on each game