Jan 25, 2013
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Having not done a manager story in quite a while I've decided to use my current situation as inspiration to create a new one. I am currently in Australia on a years gap year, based just outside of Brisbane and for that reason I have chosen to begin the story with my local A League club.

Any comments/Recommendations/Constructive criticism is welcome as ever... don't be a silent reader let me know what you think!!
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August 2012 - Appointed As Brisbane Roar Manager


John Price was today announced as the new head coach of Brisbane Roar Football Club in a move that see's the previously unknown manager take charge of his first Professional football club. Bewildered reporters looked on as chairman Dali Tahir announced that Price was to be the man to take the Roar forward. During a brief press conference Price briefly outlined his plans for the club.

'I believe that when your club is a family, then you can have 50,000 people out there on that pitch. For that reason I intend to ensure that this club strives to carry ourselves in a professional and respectable manner, from the pitch all the way up into the board room it's important that everybody sets a good example, as far as my style of play goes... well it's easier to play with the ball than chase it for 90 minutes wouldn't you agree?'

Even at this early stage the atmosphere around the Suncorp stadium is pessimistic, with many fans and board members questioning whether or not Price is the man to take the club forward. Feel free to have your say on whether or not you feel Price to be a good appointment
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Interesting, good luck i'll follow. Might not always like or comment due to quickness but I will be following.