Jun 13, 2010
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Hi, I know Pastore is a fckin beast, probably greatest amc in the game, but I can't get best of him. Could some tell me, what tactic I should use, to return his skills?
Not the best attacking mid in the game but either a 4-4-2 diamond - a defensive mid, two centre mids and an attacking mid, or a 4-2-3-1, just a tactic that utilises the attacking midfield playmaker.
Are you kidding me? after 3-4 seasons, pastore has 20 flair, 20 technique, 19 dribbling, 18 passing, 18 creativity + great physical stats and CA like ~180+
So who is?

I tested diamond and it doesn't work.

It does work. You're just not using it right.

The best role for Pastore is Advanced Playmaker, on Attack duty.

Any formation that utilises one attacking midfielder in the middle of the final third is a good way for Pastore to be used. The 4-1-2-1-2 is a good tactic to use.

Play rigid, possession-controlling football, and utilise Pastore as the playmaker in the middle. Then play it for 15 games and come back.
So who is?
Paulo Henrique?
well pastores stats seem to be a wee bit better (paulo henrique will still improve more than in the screenshots as he is a year younger), althought paulo henrique is better according to the assistant reports and has played better for me then pastore :)
Id go with a 4-2-3-1 with a high tempo,short passing and give him creative freedom. Also use him as a trequista as i find that gets the best out of him...
Hes a good amc but theres a few that are just as good if not better, Aguero,Messi,Ronaldo,Iniesta,Xavi among many others.So dont spam your own thread about whos the best.
If you train im as a foward and use treqarista he is good, But u need to remember you cant just buy players Especially Foreign ones and expect them to play awesome everygame, there probably out in the local night clubs find girls and spending all thast money u paying them, it takes time for them to settle into ur team, country, formation, using team blend helps, but i didnt get the best outta pastore till my 3rd season, see my formation, Hamsik, and henrique same also,
Thanks mate. Hmm, could you post your tactic here? Would be great.