A guide to getting a clan started & joining an existing game

Adam 24

Feb 18, 2010
So you have placed your name in the player listings thread, the short term game thread or you are interested in starting a clan but you don't know how to get it all started?
It's very important that when adding your details to these threads that your profile is up to date so that potential hosts or fellow players can contact you via email, msn etc to organise games. We do not want the main forum cluttered with contact details in threads as it just makes it look untidy.

Getting a clan started

To get a clan up and running is time consuming but very rewarding if done properly. You only have to look around this forum to see there are a few clans up and running with some great success. It does not happen straight away but with a bit of structure and organization a clan can be up and running within a few days.

First off you need players so the player listings is a great place to start with as people add their details regularly to the thread in the hope of getting a game. I would recommend you start off with 4 or 5 players maximum to begin with and then as the game progresses you could expand the clan if you wish.

Once you have players recruited and ready to go you could decide as a clan what league(s) you want to be playing in. The most popular leagues are of course the Premiership in England or La Liga in Spain or other top flight divisions as that is where all the cash is and where all the best players are.

Some people do prefer lower league games and they can be brilliant but they do require patience and time to work your way up the leagues. I would recommend you only load up a maximum of two nations as FM is changing and using up a lot more resources than previously with the introduction of the 3d match engine and the added data.

The next stage would be to draw up a list of clan rules that everyone is happy to abide by while playing the game and in addition this should also lead to fewer disputes within the clan such as player poaching and so on. Again these don't have to be extensive but just a few general rules will help a clan run a lot more smoothly. At this stage all clan members could agree on set times and days that the clan will run on but essentially this would be up to the host as to when the game will run.

Once all of the above is in place hosts can then maybe set up a test game and get all the clan members to join and test how the game is running in relation to things such as speed of the game, reliability of everyone's internet connection and so on before the real stuff begins. This way you can iron out any niggles players may have and find possible solutions to make the game run as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Other tips I have is try to set up a website for your clan as this may raise it's profile and show prospective members just how dedicated you are.

Once the clan has started a thread can be made in the FM Online forum about your clan, it's members and how your game is going. Regular updates from all members add to the whole experience and can be limited or as in depth as you like. Some like to tell a story about how their team is doing and it adds a lot to the game.

The clan thread also lets other members of the community see how the game is developing and could inspire someone else to start a clan or join one.

I hope this little guide is very helpful to newcomers and experienced FM onliner's alike. Playing FM online is fantastic if you can get a group of dedicated players willing to put the time and effort into making it a success. I can say from my experience that I have made a few good friends playing online and although some have moved away from the FM online scene I still chat to them now and again.

Joining a clan

If you are not interested in hosting a game and just want to get involved in an already existing game then my advice to you would be to contact hosts of games and put forward as to why you would be interested in joining their game and how you could add to their game.

You may have to fill out a few details as some clans have application forms on their dedicated clan websites in order for you to join. You also might have to play the waiting game if for instance the clan does not currently have any spaces in it but don't let that deter from getting involved.

Those wishing to join games should regularly check the clan advertisement thread as at times clans will post in that thread to advertise for new players.

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If anyone has anything to add then feel free to post it in this thread or PM myself or Goldy so that it can be added to this thread.