A guide to Plymouth Argyle F.C; the worlds greatest team

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Apr 13, 2010
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Hello, Hello.

Before i begin with this i will tell you that this guide is based on this patch http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=4392 as i could not wait for patch 11.3

A History of Plymouth Argyle

Plymouth Argyle Football Club, commonly known as Argyle, or by their nickname, The Pilgrims, are an English professional football club based in Central Park, Plymouth. They play in the Football League Championship, the second division of the English football league system, having joined the Football League in 1920. Since becoming professional in 1903 the club has won six Football League title's, one Southern League title and one Western League title, with their most recent success coming in 2004 when they were crowned Second Division champions. The 2009–10 season is the club's 41st in the second tier of English football.
The club takes its nickname from an English religious group that left Plymouth for the New World in 1620. The club crest features the Mayflower, the London-based ship, which carried the pilgrims to Massachusetts. Former League club Boston United are also known as the Pilgrims and feature the Mayflower on its badge; Boston was the starting point on the Pilgrims journey. Plymouth Argyle were the only club to play in a principally green home strip until 2004 when Yeovil Town gained promotion to the Football League. The city of Plymouth is currently the largest in England to never host top-flight football, after Hull City were promoted to the Premier League in 2008.
It is the most southern and western League club in England.


Nation: England
Year Founded: 1886
Status: Professional
Reputation: Regional
Chairman Status: Happy to stay
Legends: Paul Strurrock, Mickey Evans, Paul Wotton

Icons: Romain Larrieu, Tommy Tynan, Graham Coughlan, Paul Marnier, David Friio, Kevin Hodges, Paul Stapleton, Lee Hodges, David Norris, Lillian Nalis, Alan Judge, Carl Fletcher, Dan Gosling
Favoured Personnel: Jason Bent, Peter Halmosi, Akos Buzsaky, Neil Warnock
Derbies: West Country Derby (vs Exeter)
Fierce Rivals: Exeter, Bristol City
Other Rivals: Cardiff City
Finances: Insecure
Average Ticket Price: £20.00
Average Season Ticket Price: £341.00
Season Ticket Holders: 6000
Estimated Value: £1.9 million
Continental Competition: None
Media Prediction: 4th
Squad Personality: Determined
Captain: Carl Fletcher

Notice that the chairman does not love the club. If you do well then a tycoon could come in.

Season Expectations
I always go for winner as you have a strong squad and even if you get promoted without winning the league they will still keep you in charge. Also notice that there are no transfer funds oO). To work around this problem use monthly installaments.
The wage budget is quite low but if you ask for more and say that you'll get left behind by rivals then it will increase to £54k

Keep all the coaches for league 1 level as they are good enough but in January and when you get promoted some potential candinates could be:
Paul Hardyman – Coach – Very good tactical coach, and fairly decent all-round attributes as well.
Gary Brazil – Coach – A coach with reasonable attacking attributes, but make sure you offer the job as a coach, rather than a youth coach. Not the best coach, but a very good all-rounder.
Andrew Cole: Well known for his Man Utd days, he is a very good attacking coach for league 1 level and will massively help your strikers.

And a decent physio could be useful:
Paul Green - a fantastic physiotherapy rating of 20, he will be a vital asset for your club, however he may need to be disposed of if you reach the premier league

Squad Analysis

David Button - A loanee from spurs for the season, he is clearly the number one choice for your team, seek to buy/loan him for the championship as well.
Romain Larrieu - A plymouth argyle fave. He has reasonable attributes but will probably need to be replaced after 2-4 seasons. A good back-up keeper.


Karl Duguid (also midfielder) - A reasonable-ish full back but i do not rate him. He is more effective as a centre midfielder.
Lee Molyneux - A ok-ish leftback on a 6 month contract, i recommend that you make the descision on extending it in January as he can be good as well as bad.
Jamie Richards - Promote this youngster from the U18s as he is a reasonable cover for any injuries that occur (however he starts off injured :p)
Onismor Bhasera - Easily the best full back but he is a lot better as a left midfielder in my view as his pace and crossing are relatively high.

Jim Paterson - A reasonable left back and midfielder, i mainly use him at left back and Bhasera at left midfield.

Stephane Zubar - A young defender who has reasonable attributes he will be good at league 1 level.
Bonz N'Gala - He is a very hot prospect for the future and i use him at right back instead, due to the poor options avaliable.
Curtis Nelson - Another youngster who is awesome at league 1 level, i put him straight into centre back with Zubar but that is because as a plymouth fan i love him
K. Timar - Another reasonable centre back, he has good-ish attributes and he is very good at the likes of heading, a strong contender for centre back.

Onismor Bhasera, Jim Paterson and karl Duguid explained eariler
Yala Bolasie - My main man for the right wing as he has high flair and determination attributes. However he is injured at the start of the season.

Matt Rickard - Another U18 who is a reasonable backup player. Look to develop him as he could become a wonderkid.

Kari Arnason - The midfielder who can also play centre back has very good attributes. When played with Fletcher in the centre they are unstoppable.
Carl Fletcher - The club captain (and keep him as so) who is easily championship quality.
Luke Summerfield - A player who creeps up from behind to provide competition is Summerfield. 22 years old and he has ok-ish attributes.

Chris Clark - A hardworking member of the team who continues to provide lots of competiton. His work rate is a shocking 18 hence I use him ahead of Summerfield in the case of injury. However he starts on the right due to Bolasie's injury.
Anton Peterlin - Personally i use him as back up. Ok-ish attributes, allow him to leave on a free at the end of the season.

Rory Fallon - A very effective target man, however for some reason his finishing is very poor, make him focus on finishing in training

Joe Mason - An Argyle Legend at the age of 18. The best striker in the squad by a clear stone mile. Use him. (6)

Rory Patterson - Reasonable striker with decent finishing attributes. Its up to you as to who starts up front with Mason

Recommended Transfers
Jack Butland - A young Birmingham keeper who has reasonable attributes, however you can only have 4 long term loans.
Tony Sylva - Avaliable for free, a decent goalkeeper

Danny Bath - A wolves youngster avaliable for loan. Snap him up i say as he has pretty good attributes
Deark Geary - A right back who is okish but not good enough for championship level. Plus he is free ^^)
Abubakari Yakubu - Another freebie but he is way better that Geary, but you face tough competition to sign him

Bernard Mendy - Yes i said it. If you can use your persuading abilities then you might be able to snap him up, it may be tough but he is worth it.

Brandy - A real speedster, he can undo any defence in league 1, i strongly recommend this player.
Jeremie Aliadiere - Another good forward but good persuasive skills are needed to sign him.

Transfers Out
Peterlin - this is your choice but to me he offers nothing
Molyneux - Again its my choice but i feel that he offers nothing

Anyho Cheers for reading and i hope it has given you lots of information of managing Plymouth Argyle F.C.


looks like a good guide mate, nice layout. Seems some of your images haven't tho :/
They play in the Football League Championship, the second division of the English football league system, having joined the Football League in 1920.

They actually play in nPower League One, the third division of the English league system.

Other than that it's a good guide. Shame the pictures haven't worked.
Mate this guide is all over the place :/
1. Plymouth are in Npower League 1
2. I got a transfare budget of 28k
3. i got a wage budget of 67k

but it's very well laid out and presented very well.
How can you not know what league they play in, when you support them?!
could of been a typo and on the lfc marshall update i couldnt get any if them players
A typo that continues throughout this guide ? refering to the premier league alot and also the championship. i doubt it

but on the plus side, it's a very well laid out guide.
could of been a typo and on the lfc marshall update i couldnt get any if them players

A typo?

How can you get "Npower League One." and "Npower Championship" mixed up, when you s support the team?
Plus many of mentions involving getting promoted to the premier league.
as an Argyle fan, this is pretty good, your targets you've chose could be better. and LOL at Paul Sturrock being a legend.
Mate this guide is all over the place :/
1. Plymouth are in Npower League 1
2. I got a transfare budget of 28k
3. i got a wage budget of 67k

but it's very well laid out and presented very well.

Ye but you haven't read the start of the guide properly as I say that I am using this transfer update http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downl...o=file&id=4392 which is a make believe of what the 11.3 patch will turn out to be like (I couldn't wait for the 11.3 patch)

And about the Championship thing, I copied and pasted the history of Plymouth argyle from football manager wiki which is clearly for Football Manager 2011 and didn't bother to read it :$
Been playing with Plymouth for 4 seasons, in the prem now but I wish i knew about this guide earlier, it looks pretty good! :)