A Guide to Secondary Divisions

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Mar 30, 2010
FM Fanboys' Guide to Seconday Divisions

A great way to spice up your DB's!​


Any editor that has ever touched Nation Rules, has probably had a glimpse at 'Secondary Divisions' and had no clue about them! Well until very recently, I hadn't either XD However now that I have, I am putting them in almost every DB I make. My editor data must have about 500 files, and about 15 of them are me trying out how to make them and perfect them. I guarantee you will try and use this every time you add Nation Rules now.

Where are Secondary Divisions found? (In real life)

The biggest example I can use are the Brazilian State Championships. If you look on the editor, and filter it to only show competitions from Brazil, you will see there are many leagues, however only four [plus some amateur leagues] are actually main divisions.
The rest are State Championships.

Basically Secondary Divisions are leagues that on average contain about 10-12 teams [some contain 20] and can be run during the season like a cup, using league format, or after the season. They can contain any teams from the nation, and even include promotion/relegation. In Brazil they have six tiers of Secondary Divisions. With around 50+ leagues :O

In Brazil they are held before the season starts from January to May, and the season starts in May and ends in December.

"...a competition along side the main season, so would not replace any clubs, as the clubs involved in this competition would be also in the the main divisions."

How to put them on the editor

1) Create a new division as usual, however instead of inserting the teams into 'teams' inset them into 'Teams (Secondary Division)'

2) Add a new competition as usual, however add it into Secondary Divisions tab in the Nation Rules.

3) Edit it as normal.

4) Save! Here is an example, or if you want to see how it is done:View attachment 141368


Anymore questions, just ask. Also, most advanced editors know this, however there are only a few on here.