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Jan 5, 2013
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Welcome to my first club guide! It is on Manchester City. I hope you enjoy it! Also I am using LFCMarshall's February 9th update. :)

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Club Info

Club Name-Manchester City
Nickname-The Citizens
Chairman Status-Loves the Club
Estimated Value-£797m
Facilites - Top Training and Youth Facilities
Media Prediction-1st
Continental Competiton-UEFA Champions League
Feirce Rivalries-Manchester United (local)
Other Rivalries-Stockport(local), Bolton(local)
Captain (vice)-Vincent Kompany (Micah Richards)
Average Ticket Price-£36
Average Season Ticket Price-£450
Season Ticket Holders-36,000

Etihad Stadium
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Stadium Capacity-47,405 All-Seater
Year Built-2002
Pitch Condition-Perfect
Stadium Condition-Very Good
Under Soil Heating-Yes

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Club Philosophies
-Play Attacking Football
-Sign High Profile Players

Season Expectations
-Title Challenge: £36M/£3M p/w
-Title Winner: £48M/3.4M p/w

As you can see you have a very healthy budget either way. It is tempting to select 'Title Winner' as there is a huge £12M in transfer budget however that adds a lot of pressure to your job if you're not 100% certain. Personally I chose Title Challenge however, £36m is a lot of money and can be improved if you sell one or two players. You do have a strong squad from the start so there won't even be that many improvements needed.



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Joe Hart: England's no. 1 and should definitely be yours too. Very good in the game and often a reliable starting Goalkeeper. Has fantastic reflexes (19), agility (18) and handling (17). He's also only 25 so definitely has another 10-15 years in him!
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Costel Pantilimon: The tallest player in the league (6ft 8in) is actually a decent backup keeper. He has fantastic jumping (20) which is probably expected. If Hart is injured he will do the job but shouldn't really be your no.1. If you want to sell him you can probably get around 4/5 million for him but I kept him.
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(Micah Richards looks scary!)

Pablo Zabaleta: A decent right-back but nothing more than that. Can do the job if you don't want to spend but I personally sold him. I got £15m for him (which is fantastic for a player of his quality). If you do decide to use him, which you might, he has good workrate (19), teamwork (19) and determination (17). But for me he's not really good enough.
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Maicon: The former Inter man has seen a decrease in his ability over the past year or two. He is still pretty good and I would recommend keeping him. If you do opt to keep Zabaleta however I would probably sell him for around £9m. He is on the decrease however at the age of 30 but he still has good strength (18), pace (16) and crossing (16).
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Micah Richards: Actually a really good player with some fantastic stats. If you sell Zabaleta and don't want to buy a new RB this guy can definitely be your first choice. Some of his best stats are acceleration (19), stamina (19), bravery (19) and heading (18). Would definitely keep this monster as he is fully capable of being your first choice RB!
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Gaël Clichy: A good solid LB. Not the best in the world but is good enough for Man City and doesn't need replacing. He is very fast (acceleration 19 and pace 18) and can also tackle (16). A good left back and would definitely keep him.
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Aleksandar Kolarov: An okay back-up left back. Nothing special at all but will do the job I suppose if Clichy is injured for a few games. He a few okay stats such as crossing (17) and corners (17) but nothing amazing. If you want you can sell him for 5/6 million and play Maicon as a back up left back, and I recommend doing this.

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Center Backs

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Vincent Kompany: The captain of Manchester City lives up to his title with fantastic performances. Should play every game possible for you and will reward your decision. He is one of the best center backs in the game and has great all round stats such as heading (18), bravery (18), determination (18) and tackling (18). He can also play RB, CDM and CM but should really stay at CB unless you have nobody else for those positions.
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Joleon Lescott
: Not had much game time under Mancini in real life but on FM13 he's actually a good center back. I play him alonside Kompany and sometimes rotate Lescott and Nastasic. They are both able center backs and will do the job. Lescott's best stats are heading (18), determination (17) and strength (17). If you do want to sell Lescott and play Richards as a back up CB, you may be able to get around 10-12 million for him but I don't recommend it.
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Matija Nastasić: Dubbed by many the 'new Vidic', this guy certainly lives up to his name with his in-game performances. Your assistant gives him a 5 star potential rating so he will clearly be a beast in the future. He is valued at £4.9m but I would definitely not sell him. At the age of 19 he has stats such as concentration (16), jumping (16) and tackling (15). These will only improve in the future!
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Kolo Touré: Honestly? Past it. Still has some good stats like bravery (18), determination (18) and teamwork (16) but these will only decrease as he is 31 now. At the start of the game he is valued at £4.1m and I would definitely recommend selling him ASAP. If you want to keep him he isn't awful, but really it's best to sell him as soon as you can to get the max amount of money for him.

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Wingers/Wide Midfielders

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Samir Nasri: Although this guy is actually an Attacking Midfielder I'm going to put him here because this is where I play him. City do lack a great put and out winger so at the beginning I would recommend playing Nasri the (A)MR position. The good thing about city's midfielders is that many of them are very versatile and can play all across the AM positions. Nasri himself has some good stats like agility (18), balance (18) and technique (17). I would play him on the right but would recommend buying Mario Götze for the left (see the 'Recommended Ins' section.)
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Scott Sinclair: Not great. I found him to be an odd signing in real life and he really isn't good enough for your team on the game. Your assistant give Sinclair a 2 and a half star rating and that is about right to be honest. He is very fast with 16 acceleration and 18 pace but in all honesty he doesn't have much else. Wait until you get a good winger like Götze and then sell him.

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Central/Defensive/Attacking Midfielders

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Yaya Touré: Yaya is given a 5 star rating by your assistant manager and that is definitely deserved. He is a fantastic all-round player who can both attack and defend very well. He has fantastic strength (18), balance (18), work rate (18), and passing (17). He is valued at £21m but is such an asset to your team that you MUST keep him. I play him as a deep lying playmaker and he does fantastically there. He is at his peak now at 29 and, like Kompany, should play as many games as possible for you.
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David Silva: Another fantastic player. The small spaniard also has some incredible stats like technique (19), creativity (19), flair (19) and passing (18) that help to make him the perfect playmaker. I play him as an Advanced Playmaked behind Aguero and he gets an unbelievable amount of assists. He can also play on the left or the right but he is so creative, the only true position for Silva is an AMC. He is valued at £24m so if you sold him you could get a LOT of money but it's vital to keep him in my opinion.
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Gareth Barry: 31 now but Barry's still decent actually. He plays a similar role to Yaya Touré so it will be tough to fit them both in but Barry can definitely fill in for Touré if he is injured or away at the Cup of Nations. Barry has good teamwork (18), work rate (18) and composure (16). you can get around £8m for him but I actually recommend keeping Barry.
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James Milner: City's no. 7 is very versatile and a decent player. His preferred position is MC however he can play both left and right confidently. He works hard with great natural fitness (18), stamina (18) and of course work rate (20). He is valued at £11.5m so as you have so many MCs you may end up wanting to sell him; it's your choice. He is 26 so still has a good few years in him however. One reason you might want to keep him is his versatility as he can play all of the AM positions.
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Javi García: Your best CDM. I would definitely keep García as he performs very well. He has great positioning (19), teamwork (19) and as we all know, heading (18). Although he is only given a 1/2 star rating in MC by your assistant, I play him there as a Ball winning Midfielder. He is a good player and as I said I would definitely recommend keeping García.
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Jack Rodwell: Rodwell won't be in your first team plans straight away but he looks to have a bright future ahead of him - your assistant gives him a 3 and a half star potential rating. He is only 21 but has some good stats, such as passing (15) and influence (14). I would definitely suggest loaning Jack out; Tottenham almost always come in with a loan offer in your first season. Keep him for the future however.
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(I didn't have a picture for Guidetti, sorry)

Sergio Agüero: The man that won City their first title in forty-four years (grr) is very good on this game. He is given a four and a half star current rating by your assistant and a five star potential rating. He has many fantastic stats like agility (19), flair (19) and dribbling (18). He should be your first choice striker without a doubt. He is also only 24 so he has years and years left in him.
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Carlos Tevez: Although he will likely be playing second fiddle to Agüero, Tevez is still a good striker himself. He is iven a four star rating by your assistant but he still pop up with a lot of goals and my advice is to use him! He can also play all across the attacking midfield positions as well as striker, so if you want solely Agüero leading the line you can definitely slip Tevez behind him (although I recommend keeping him on the bench to bring on). Tevez has two stats rated 20 - work rate and bravery! He also has good determination (19) and balance (18).
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Edin Dzeko: The big Bosnian is decent and only decent. He is a good Target Man but I actually recommend selling him at the beginning of the game. If you're lucky you can get an unbelievable £18m for him; for me much more than he's actually worth. If you do decide to actually keep him, which you may want to, Dzeko himself has some good physical stats. These include jumping (18), balance (17) and heading (17). Despite all this I still recommend you sell him and bring in a better third striker.
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John Guidetti: The 20 year old swede actually has the best finishing out of all of Manchester City's strikers. He isn't really that great a play in all honesty; personally I loaned him out in the first season. He does have good finishing (16) and work rate (15) but I don't honestly think that he will ever be world-class. You may want to keep him in case of an emergency I suppose. He is valued at £3.7m if you want to sell him.

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Potential Ins

Mario Gotze - Borussia Dortmund - £33m Release Clause
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Really versatile and a fantastic prospect for the future. If you are lucky you may be able to unsettle him by speaking to press but it is rare. I offered £25m up front and £8m over 8 months.

Wellington Nem - Fluminese - £3.5m Release Clause
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A must buy, everybody knows about this lad. £3.5m is a steal and this guy will be incredible in the future. You need to snap him up quick as he often goes to Lille.

Adryan - Flamengo - £875k Release Clause
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Arguably an even bigger bargain than Wellington Nem, this guy is also INSANE and you can get him every time for less than £1m. No matter who you are, it's vital you get Adryan straight away!

Edinson Cavani - Napoli
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You should definitely try to get this guy. I dont have an exact price but if you sell Dzeko and Zabaleta you should be able to afford him after some negotiations. He is a fantastic striker. If you can get him and sell Dzeko, Cavani, Aguero and Tevez is an incredible front 3.

James Ward-Prowse - Southampton
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Another youngster to watch out for! Ward-Prowse will also be a great player in the future. I personally bought him putting all the money into a clause - 'After League apperances'. So if he doesn't work out then we won't have to even pay!

David Alaba - Bayern
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Alaba eventually turns out to be arguably the best LB in the game! It's definitely worth a try with him, and if you don't get him in your first season then that's fine. Not the highest priorite but still, try and get him.

Potential Outs

Edin Dzeko
If you're lucky, you may be able to get £18m from Barcelona from him. I don't really recommend keeping him but you can if you want to. Sell him and bring in a better striker like Cavani.
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Pablo Zabaleta
I sold him for £15m to Benfica but they loaned him out first. I think £15m is a great deal, actually. It's best to try and sell him immediately without loaning him but as long as you can sell him, that's good.
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Scott Sinclair
As I said earlier, Sinclair isn't very good in all honesty. I did eventually get Gotze and soon sold Sinclair. I actually found it really hard to sell him, but I eventually got rid of him for £4.5m. Personally I would recommend actually holding on to him until January or next season, as it will be easier to sell him.
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James Milner
Although he is a pretty good player I did end up selling him to Liverpool for £13m, you may be able to get a bit more if you're lucky. I made sure again that I got Gotze before selling Milner as I would have ended up playing him on one of the wings.
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I used Raikan's Awesome AMC for City, and it worked really well. This is how I lined up with no new signings:
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I also used another of Raikan's tactics, Might and Magic (With DMs):
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Young Players to watch:

City in all honesty don't have the best youth players, they are famous for buying players more for their first team than developing them from the youth ranks. There are a few decent players, however:
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So thanks for reading my first guide! I was surprised that there wasn't already a City guide as they are quite a popular choice because of their money to spend.
I know that this guide isn't perfect. It's my first effort and I would appreciate any constructive critiscm below :) If there are any guides you would like me to make, also comment below and I will see what I can do!​
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Nice detailed and well describes guide to managing city mate I'm actually suprised there hasn't been more guides done yet.
Superb stuff, JLB! I had a lot of success with a Man City game on FM12, and I'm tempted to give them another go. Even though it won't be the same without Mario. :(
Really good guide!!!;) Also how does Godsway Donyah look in the game? Really interesting signing. Keep it up mate.
Thanks for the support lads! :)

@WarroOxford - Cheers mate. You're right, I hate City but it's a fun and easy save on FM. And it won't be the same without Balotelli and his 'Unh' symbol!!

@tommyoar1 - Ta mate, and I can't seem to find him? I know he's on loan in Sweden, maybe that's something to do with it? But you're right it was an odd signing. If anyone could find his PA it would be interesting :p
good guide.. always annoys me how underrated zabaleta is in this game.. out on his own as the best right back in the prem at present