Feb 12, 2013
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Is there a guide somewhere as to how these auction games work? They sound intriguing but I have no idea how to get involved.
Well, is differs a bit from game to game, as you can see in the forum.
But basically all players a giving a start budget (for instance £200 mil) and then there will be a number of auction round with players. You then have to bid on the players, and thereby making a squad within your budget. Highest bid gets the player. Surf around the forum to check it out (This one is pretty far and well working: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/foot...barclays-premier-league-auction-revamped.html)

When all auctions round have been held the teams will compete in a tournament.
Put as said check it out - and try getting a spot next time a game opens - is very basic and easy to learn.
if you look at the OP in a few of the games it informs you of the basic rules... some games have slight differences, for example, My auction is a mystery auction... so you don't know what your bidding for, while Potta's auction showed who you bid for but limited the number of bids per position...

If your looking to run one feel free to message me and ill try and help you set up :)
And as seen from my La Liga Auction it can be with any set of teams, even the Andorran 2nd tier if you wish