A high scoring tactic that make football score rugby scores

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haha was gunna slate this but the lad is only 12 give him a break lol.
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Where is the fun? A bit boring isn't it?

And it might have looked a bit better if you put Vauxhall 41-0 Chelsea and West Ham 21-0 Man Utd?
holy **** !! awesome tactic, my keeper conceded 20 goals per match
I honestly hoped this was a joke when I saw the OP. His average goals scored per match is probably higher than his IQ.
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I genuinely thought you were being sarcastic until you carried on with it...

this has to be the most obvious suggestion ever, the most ridiculous, and the most at wrecking the entire game and what's good about it!

LOL, I remember when I used to do this when I got really bored on the older FM's. It's called cheating btw...
no no no. Like somebody pointed out earlier, it just takes away the enjoyment of the game, the tension....not to mention the tears lol. Would just destroy the whole game for me.
Why would anyone want to do this....

You sad sad man, I feel sorry for people like you.
you know, this tactics so great, im gonna give it 5 stars
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