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Jul 14, 2010
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First of all to Reiterate i am aiming to travel around the world achieving a number of goals starting of in Sweden.

After a matter of a couple of days after wannabe manager Ryan Duckett anounced his intentions to enter managing Swedish outfit Eskilstuna City have approached Duckett about a potential managerial job.

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After thinking about his possible move to Sweden as Eskilstuna manager Ryan Duckett was delighted to announce that he has accepted the offer and is catching the next flight to Sweden

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Eskilstuna City

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The league table when i took over

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On his first day in charge the first thing Duckett did was to look at the Team report that was supplied to him and then have a look at the strength in the squad. Duckett had this to say ' I am extremely delighted with the squad with a lot of depth and that is reflected in the season so far'.

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