Jul 30, 2017
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Hi everyone! :)
Welcome to this thread. :D

I need some ideas for a team that you want to see for a new journeyman save in Football Manager 2017. Once you provide names of teams to choose from there will be a poll. The one whose choice wins will be the team chosen.
You can give your suggestions till 15th August 2017.

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Doesn't this defeat the purpose of a journeyman save? I mean... in a journeyman, you take whatever job is available, rather than choosing, no?
The reason why I am asking for help to choose a club for the journeyman save is because I don't want to take over a club mid-season. Also another reason is that, the same teams will be available to manage at the beginning of every save when I start as an unemployed manager, so I don't want to choose those teams and I want to choose a different one suggested by any of you.
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I always like to see people do a journeyman starting outside of England
Okay so in the case you want to see a journeyman save which starts outside England from which club would you like to see the save start from? Also please mention which country and division the club is located in.
Fair enough.

Don't see many journeyman saves in Spain - how about the Segunda B or even the Tercera?
So for that I need club suggestions. Since you are talking about clubs below the Liga Adelante. If you know any club I can choose please let me know.
start with Livingston in Scotland. See if you can get them back to competing in Europe again.
Well that's gonna be one **** of a challenge. Since in this save they will be in the Scottish League 1, as it starts from the 2016-17 season. It's a very interesting suggestion.

Any other suggestions?
Chapter 1

Hi everyone.

So I have made my choice.

The club which is going to be chosen is Livingston Football Club.

In this save the club is in the Scottish League 1. And it was a decent club in recent history. They came 3rd in the Scottish Premiership in the 2001-02 season and they even qualified for the UEFA Cup at that time which is a pretty big deal. They lost to Sturm Graz in the first round on penalties. What's more impressive is that they used to be in the Scottish third division in the 1995-96 season and the fact that the rise happened very quickly. This happened under the guidance of one man, Jim Leishman who took the club to such great heights. But then things started going wrong, by 2004 they went into administration. A silver lining in that 2003-04 season is that they won the Scottish League Cup. The damage was done, there were poor performances on the pitch as well. And they were relegated from the Scottish Premiership in the 2005-06 season.

This was just the beginning of the decline before things got worse. Performances worsened on the pitch in the 2006-07 season in the First Division. The 2007-08 season was also similar and then they were taken over by new Italian owners. It looked like a new dawn. It looked like maybe this was the time Livingston would be back. But hey, new owners are not always good owners are they?

They were going through the motions in 2008 and early 2009. Performances on the pitch were not good enough, fans were angry, the stadium was not filled. Eventually they went into administration again in July 2009 and they almost went into liquidation as well. The Scottish FA demoted Livingston to the Scottish third division.

They also were responsible for producing players such as Leigh Griffiths, Robert Snodgrass, Graham Dorrans, Wes Hoolahan and many more notable players.

Oh my god, the UEFA Cup appearance felt like an eternity ago.
As I am typing this, I do feel for the fans. No club deserves this.

There's always one thing that makes a football fan support their club during both the good and bad times, and it is hope. It is the hope which makes fans still believe in their club. Currently Livingston is on the up in real life.

But as far as this save is concerned I am determined to give my absolute best and help them as much as I can in Football Manager 2017.

Also the city itself looks like a nice place to live.

But anyway here is my start to this new save. I am now the new Livingston manager. I am very excited to take over this club. :D

This is a brief history of the club and also the team report according to my assistant manager.

And finally the most important thing, my squad that I have inherited from the previous manager.
And as you can see, it is both the main squad as well as the makings of an Under-20 squad.

The squad depth will also be shown here and there will be an explanation of how I feel the whole squad is.

Strikers: I feel that Liam Buchanan is the best striker available to us and I really hope that he can score loads of goals. To provide cover we have Danny Mullen, Matthew Knox and Dale Carrick. If we are playing a one striker system then we have a lot of different options available and that is a good thing. To maximize output from the strikers I will be quite likely to play two up top. And based on the opponents I will see if we can switch between one striker and two striker formations.

Keaghan Jacobs and Rafa De Vita look like solid players who can play both on the left and right. Which is really good. But then we only have Nicky Cadden, Josh Mullin, Michael Miller as cover and there is a drop off in quality. I hope despite the star rating they can put in proper shifts and make things happen when they come of the bench. Meritocracy would be tested and there could be some selection headaches. As far as central midfield is concerned, Mark Millar, Shaun Byrne, Scott Pitman and Jordan Sinclair can be very good there. Also if you have noticed Keaghan Jacobs and Rafa De Vita can play all across the park in the midfield, their versatility is going to be crucial and will be very useful. Also Rafa De Vita can play as a striker. Brilliant.

Defenders: Our defence is not very bad. Gallagher is going to be very crucial, as he is more or less our star defender when it comes to centre back. We are very well stocked at centre back with Gallagher, Lithgow, Crighton and Halkett who can play there. For left back, Longridge will be our main left back. As far as right back is concerned, Michael Miller will be our main right back. Crighton can play anywhere in the defence which helps. But it looks like I need to reinforce when it comes to these positions.

Goalkeepers: We have Liam Kelly who is a very good goalkeeper, but the squad depth is just not good enough when it comes to goalkeepers, so this has to be a priority.

Thank you very much for reading Chapter 1. Please let me know your thoughts so far in this thread.
C'mon Livingston! :D

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Yes this is just the start. And hopefully its possible to build something great here.
Chapter 2

So since the squad depth report is done, I am now moving on to the friendlies. Livingston need some pre-season preparations and we together must make sure that we have a good pre-season. The players and I had a pre-season meeting and together we felt that we can get promoted.

The first bit of news. Michael Miller is out with a lower back stress fracture for 7-9 weeks. WHAT A START to this pre-season..

Also have a look at our transfer and our wage budget.
We have virtually no money to work with. Let's hope money management lessons come in handy. These are very testing times for us as a club and we have to make the right decisions.

Our competition expectations were also revealed at the same time to us by the board. We have to win promotion by winning the league, reach the fourth round of the Scottish Cup and Scottish League Challenge Cup. The Betfred Cup group stage is yet to be drawn. The owner of the club is extremely ambitious. And we have to make sure we fulfil expectations.

We have Clyde, Dundee United, Partick Thistle and Stirling in our group.
Rules for this cup are as follows. There are 8 groups in which there are 5 teams in each one of them. The top team from each group qualifies for the second round and also the the 4 best second place teams qualify for the second round. I am looking forward to a good performance in the competition.

Also now the pre-season friendlies have started. For friendlies my assistant manager is in charge. So the first friendly was against Dumbarton, we won 3-1 against them at home. Liam Buchanan scored twice and Matthew Knox scored a goal. Andy Stirling scored for Dumbarton. It was a great start to pre-season but then this happened..

Matthew Knox picked up an injury. It's a thigh strain and he is out for 5-6 days.

And then another injury happened, this time it is Craig Halkett, who is out for 2-3 days because he has got blisters now. These early season injuries are definitely not a good thing.

I have a few words about Matthew Knox though. He is a very young striker and as a manager I feel he is destined for big things. He is just a 16 year old boy and he can do so many wonderful things at such a young age.

Okay now enough about Matthew Knox because another young boy Kyle Sampson who is 16, has signed a THREE YEAR DEAL with Livingston. We're holding on to one of our brightest youngsters we have at the club.

In the meantime we had another pre-season friendly against Arbroath. We won 2-0 away from home against them. Danny Mullen and Liam Buchanan scored against them to seal a routine victory.

Injuries strike again and this time it is Mark Millar who is out with an abdominal strain for 11 to 13 days. The little niggles which the players are having are not very good and something needs to be done about it.

There is finally good news as far as injuries are concerned. Matthew Knox is back from injury and he has recovered.

Before I move on to the next pre-season friendly, I would like to mention about tutoring. So as far as tutoring is concerned, Keaghan Jacobs is Cammy White's tutor. He is another one of our youngsters and Rafa De Vita is tutoring Nicky Cadden. He is a bright prospect too.

In this pre-season friendly we have beaten Clyde away from home. Shaun Byrne and Sean Crighton are the scorers. A very comfortable win against them.

Oh wow, the injuries keep piling up don't they? It's just a crazy situation where there are too many injured players. Craig Halkett the young centre back has picked up an injury, this time it is a sprained ankle and he is out for 4-5 weeks. Gary Maley, the backup goalkeeper is out for 2-3 weeks. The worst of all injuries, was the one which Jack Oglivie another one of our youngsters suffered. He is a young midfielder and he is out for 4-5 months with a broken foot.

So we have finally reached the day where we will play our first competitive game. And this game is against Partick Thistle in the Betfred Cup group stage. This is our toughest match in the group stage since we are playing against Scottish Premier League opposition.

We lost the game 5-1 away from home against Partick Thistle. This was a bad loss and we have lot of work to do. We played terribly in the first half. We conceded 4 goals. Jordan Sinclair got booked in the 1st minute of the match. The first goal was an own goal by Lithgow in the 7th minute, Steven Lawless's cross proved to be very dangerous and the own goal was unfortunate. Then Cammy White got booked in the 18th minute. The second goal was by Kris Doolan and it was a great long ball by Lindsay to make the goal possible. The third was also an own goal by Sean Crighton, Booth from Partick Thistle put a cross in and it wasn't dealt with by the defenders in a proper way and it resulted in the own goal in the 30th minute. Kris Doolan scored the fourth goal in the 31st minute and Steven Lawless provided the assist, it was a lovely cross by him. At the end of the first half, Liam Buchanan got a yellow card. By this time the game was over and there was no coming back. So in the second half, we wanted to try to be more competent, so we switched to a more counter attacking style of play. Jordan Sinclair got sent off in the second half. The counter attacking style of play worked, despite the sending off as we kept possession and played some nice football before Ryan Edwards scored in the 83rd minute, thanks to Fraser's low cross. And then in the 87th minute we scored a consolation goal, Alan Lithgow played a lovely long ball and Liam Buchanan scored it but it was too late. Alan Lithgow kinda made up for that own goal with his assist, but it just was a consolation goal.

As far as substitutions are concerned Nicky Cadden, Matthew Knox and Josh Mullin came on after half time. Nicky Cadden was okay, the others were not very good. Liam Kelly and Cammy White really underperformed and could have done a better job.

Kris Doolan and Steven Lawless were the stars in this match. They completely played at another level and were just too good for us. We lacked creativity even though possession was even. In the second half we looked better than the first and we were more competent, but then the game was already over by then and we were blown away in that first half by Partick Thistle so credit to them for playing really well. We just did not cope up with their 4-2-3-1 and our discipline really let us down, I could have done better tactically as well, I was not fazed by the defeat, it is the manner of it which concerns me.

Not many positives to take, the second half performance was much better, that's all.

In the Betfred Cup our expectation is to be competitive and we have to work on that. It was a bad start and we need to improve our results.

Sean Crighton is going to be our captain and Mark Millar is going to be our vice captain. Our league and domestic cup bonuses are set up at normal.

Mark Millar has somewhat passed a fitness test and we also had our last pre-season friendly against Civil Service Strollers, Liam Buchanan scored an early goal but then Mark Williamson equalized. The game ended 1-1.

The pre-season has ended and there will be more competitive fixtures after this.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying it.
C'mon Livingston! :D
Chapter 3

So, we just finished pre-season. I am back from a rest in some nice place in Scotland after pre-season. The players needed a bit of a break, players added me on Instagram, Snapchat and were talking about how their short break post pre-season went. I saw their Instagram stories and pictures and some of their Snapchat content. They appeared to have a lot of fun. I posted a cheeky picture of my vacation on Instagram as well, because why not?

Anyway so I spent my time getting the players in the mood to train and one of my players said that he wanted to engage in tutoring youngsters.
And that player is Liam Buchanan. He is going to tutor the prodigy Matthew Knox. All I've got to say to Liam is that he better be a good influence to the young kid. Kids go astray sometimes, this guy is very talented and we need him at his best this season.

Oh and look, what a surprise. Another injury!
This time is Mark Millar, who is out with a hernia for 4-6 weeks. Get well soon, Mark. We need you.

And the bookies are expecting us to finish on top of the table. No pressure. :)

We had our second game in the group stage of the 2016/17 Betfred Cup. And it was against Stirling.

When we played this game we played a counter attacking game. Both sides did not create much in the first 20 minutes or so and it was a slow start. Then was a free kick to Stirling in the 24th minute. That was the first chance of the game and it was not converted. A few minutes later Shaun Byrne had 4 continuous free kicks and missed all of them. I was hoping one of them would go in. But it didn't.
The game was too dull so we started playing more attacking football. Mullen, the striker from our team had a glorious opportunity in the end of the first half and he missed it.
It was 0-0 at half time. It was not very good. So I made a change, I took Mullen off, and brought Matthew Knox on. He showed exactly why he is so highly rated and got the breakthrough in the 49th minute. He made an instant impact when he came off the bench. Also Nicky Cadden put in a lovely pass towards Matthew Knox to make the goal happen. Livingston lead 1-0. In the meantime, Fraser Wright from Stirling got booked in the 49th minute.
Knox had a great opportunity after a short while, it was parried away by the keeper.
Stirling had an opportunity to score in the 59th minute. but Kelly saved the goal.
Jordan Sinclair came off and Scott Pitman came on in the 68th minute.
A little note about Jordan Sinclair though. He was sent off in the last game for getting 2 yellow cards. But he was allowed to play. There is a rule in the Betfred Cup that if a player gets 2 yellow cards and gets sent off he is allowed to play. And the rule of the suspension after getting 2 yellow cards in a game only applies during the knockout stage. It was a weird thing to witness. But it's cool that he was available to play.

Anyway seconds after that, we get a free kick and FINALLY Shaun Byrne scored the free kick in his fifth attempt. It deflected off the player's head who was standing in the wall, but it is counted as Byrne's goal. 2-0 to Livingston.
We had a few more chances, and we couldn't convert any of them to extend our lead. Then Kieran Sommerville came on for Liam Buchanan in the 80th minute.
Kieran Sommerville is a young striker, who is 18 years old. He has decent potential. And I brought him on to provide a different option in attack and hopefully extend the lead.
Stirling had a couple of chances at the end of the game, but we held on. And the game ended 2-0 to Livingston.

This was a very good win for us. The first half we were sluggish, but then we got that little spark through Matthew Knox in the second half. Shaun Byrne's free kick was beautiful, we were very good defensively. I'm happy to get the first victory. We improved after the Partick Thistle defeat which was very bad, and there were encouraging signs in today's game.

This is the list of the bookies' prediction for Player Of The Year. Just wanted to show this in here. It will be nice to see one of our players win though.

So we are now into our third game of the group stage of the 2016/17 Betfred Cup. This game is against Dundee United. It is a big game.

I started Matthew Knox over Danny Mullen because Matthew Knox was brilliant in the last game and he needs the playing time to develop. Also he needs to learn how to play in the big occasions. This will give him great exposure.

In this game, Dundee United had a good start, Charlie Telfer scored in the 10th minute, the passing and movement was sublime, Coote unlocked that defence and Telfer scored. We were trailing 1-0 against Dundee United. It looked like it was gonna be another battering. A nice ball was played to Murray in the 16th minute, he missed his opportunity to make it 2-0 because Liam Kelly made an amazing save. Buchanan had a great chance for us but Zwick saved his shot. A cross was put in by one of the players of our team and Jacobs was on the end of the cross, he ran into the box and was taken down by the defender. It was a penalty for us. Buchanan stepped up, and he scored. And what a penalty it was, he totally sent the keeper the wrong way and put it in the back of the net in the 20th minutes. The score was now 1-1. Byrne had a free kick for us in the 21st minute and it just went over the bar.
After some time, Blair Spittal from Dundee United got injured, it was a twisted knee.
Murray had another chance, it was throw in from Robson, there were some dodgy tackles from our midfielders but he missed his chance to score again. Blair Spittal carried on despite his injury. It is 1-1 at half time. This game has been really good so far.
In the second half, a poor clearance by Murray falls straight to Cadden, he shoots and it gets deflected off the defender. It goes out for a corner. Jacobs swings it in, there is a little ping pong of the ball by Knox and Crighton with their heads and it goes to Buchanan's head. And HE SCORES.

We took an unlikely lead through David Buchanan's header. It is 2-1 to Livingston. Buchanan got his second goal. Cammy White came on for Nicky Cadden in the 59th minute. There was a chance for Dundee United through a corner and Allardice had a header, but it was defended well by our team. And then immediately after that there was a shot by another Dundee United player which hit the post and was saved by the keeper at the same time. There were a flurry of chances for Matthew Knox and David Buchanan after that, it was a nice spell of play for us.
Kieran Sommerville and Scott Pitman came on for Knox and Byrne respectively in the 77th minute.
Longridge from our team, had a free kick in the 84th minute and it went wide. A few moments later, a player from our team got taken down in the box and we got another penalty. It was the 87th minute. Buchanan took the penalty again but Zwick saved it this time. Dundee United had a last minute corner but Kelly held on to the ball.

We won the game 2-1 against Dundee United away from home. What a win. I mean the way we played against opposition of higher quality really impressed me, we showed a lot of character after being 1-0 down. The defence was absolutely great and we stopped the wave of attacks Dundee United had against us. Liam Buchanan was very good today and he was easily the man of the match for me. I am happy for the fans. They got to see such a great display away from home. We were certainly showing improvement.

And no, Ian Cathro you cannot have Matthew Knox, sorry.

Gary Maley, the backup keeper resumed full training so that was good news as far as the injury situation is concerned.
So finally we have made our first signing this summer, and it is Ronan Hughes.
He has joined our club on loan for 6 months. He is a 17 year old youngster from Hamilton. And he is a right winger. He is a good dribbler and can cross the ball nicely, he is not overly pacy but hopefully he is pacy enough for the level we are playing at. He has good potential and his current ability is good enough for the level we are right now.

There is some very bad news though. Liam Kelly is out with a hip injury for 2-3 months. And it is a huge blow. No doubt about it. Get well soon, Liam.
We have Gary Maley who is going to play as our goalkeeper now.

So we have reached the final game of the Betfred Cup group stage. If things go our way we qualify for the second round. This game is against Clyde at home. It was the same team, barring Liam Kelly due to his hip injury. Gary Maley replaced Liam Kelly for this game.

Liam Buchanan started off this game with an early chance in the game. It was a quiet first 15 minutes in the game. Then Gormley from Clyde had a good chance and luckily it is still 0-0 despite his good header. In the 23rd minute we had a chance, Jacobs crossed it in but Knox headed it just over the bar. Then in the 37th minute Byrne had a free kick but it went over the bar. I switched to a more direct style of play and it worked immediately. Knox ran into the box and got taken down by the Clyde defender, it was a penalty for us. Buchanan took the penalty and he scored. It's 1-0 to Livingston. At the end of the first half, Buchanan passed it to Knox but Knox fired it wide. It was 1-0 at halftime. We were very steady and I hoped to see my team kick on in the second half. Buchanan had another chance in the 52nd minute and it went wide. Then Byrne started his attack, he passed it to Buchanan and his shot was saved by the keeper but it fell into the path of Matthew Knox and he scored. We lead 2-0 against Clyde. Buchanan had another chance after the goal but he fluffed it. Meanwhile Gormley also had an opportunity to score at the other end for Clyde but he didn't score.
Scott Pitman came on for Jordan Sinclair in the 60th minute. Also Gormley had another chance yet again for Clyde in the 78th minute but no luck. Danny Mullen came on for Liam Buchanan at the same time.
There was a sort of chance created by us but Matthew Knox was offside despite the fact he scored. And then Mullen had a chance through a cross by Jacobs but he put it just over the bar.
A late goal was scored by Clyde at the other end of the pitch, Sean Higgins scored through a cross by Easton, the score is now 2-1. It was the 89th minute.
And then we scored our own late goal in the 91st minute, this time it was Danny Mullen who scored it through a great counter attack. That sealed the result. We were winning 3-1.

We won 3-1 against Clyde at home. A good win for us, despite the late goal for Clyde. Three strikers scored for us which gives me selection problems as far as strikers are concerned for the upcoming games. Shaun Byrne ran the show in midfield. Very happy with Gary Maley's performance after he came in as the first choice keeper after Liam Kelly's injury. Things are looking good.

Also we have qualified for the SECOND ROUND of the 2016/17 Betfred Cup. I am so proud of my team. What a comeback as well after we got thrashed by Partick Thistle. That win against Dundee United was the highlight of this group stage performance.

We now have the draw for the second round of the 2016/17 Betfred Cup.
And we got drawn against Inverness CT. I would've liked an easier draw but we have to play at our best since it is Ladbrokes Premiership opposition.

We also had the Scottish League Challenge Cup draw. There are 24 teams to be drawn in this cup. We have been drawn against Kilmarnock's Under-20 side.

There is some news regarding tutoring of players. Scott Pitman is tutoring Jay Willis, the young midfielder. So hopefully it works out.

There is also some good news as far as injuries are concerned. Michael Miller is fit now. That's absolutely great news. Just in time before our first league game as well.

We are into our first league game of the season. And it is against Stranraer at home. I'm really excited and I am looking forward to this game. Of course the league performance is a massive priority this season and we need to do well. Miller and Pitman came in for this game because for some weird reason Longridge and Sinclair were suspended.

Pettigrew had the first chance for Stranraer in the 5th minute. (Not that Pettigrew from the Harry Potter series, btw).

Our first chance came through Shaun Byrne in the 9th minute, he made a run into the box. He shoots but the shot goes wide. Then the very next minute, Nicky Cadden crosses the ball in and Matthew Knox scores the goal for us. 1-0 to Livingston.
Buchanan had a chance in the 23rd minute but the goalkeeper collected the ball.
Then Keaghan Jacobs swung the ball in from a corner in the 41st minute, the ball went to Crighton's head and he headed it back to Knox, Knox somehow goes past 3 defenders and makes a run into the box, he shot the ball towards the near post and it went in. The score is now 2-0. Knox is tearing that defence apart.
It was 2-0 at half time. Things were looking so good. We were playing like we want to do well this season. Crighton and Turner received bookings in the first half though for their respective teams.

Malcolm from Stranraer had a chance in the 52nd minute and the goal was saved by Maley, the ball went out for a corner and Agnew took it, he crossed the ball in, Malcolm flicked the ball with his head towards the head of Bell and he scored. The score is now 2-1. Stranraer have pulled one back.

Scott Pitman came off, and the player who he is mentoring, Jay Willis came on in the 60th minute. Nothing much happened for the next few minutes. And then there was another substitution, this time it was the new signing Ronan Hughes who came on in the 74th minute and Keaghan Jacobs was taken off.
We switched to a defensive style of play. There was a pass by Buchanan to Knox in the 82nd minute outside the box, Knox shot it and it went in. What a lovely goal that was! We extend our lead. The score is now 3-1.
He completed his hattrick.
Shortly after that, Liam Buchanan was taken off and was replaced by Danny Mullen in the 83rd minute.
And in the second half there were three bookings to our players, Mullen, Cadden and Willis.

This was how the game ended. 3-1 was the final score. Matthew Knox showed exactly why he is so highly rated. This kid is something special, scored a hattrick against proper pros at the age of 16. It was the Matthew Knox show. A great win. And 3 points in the bag. It's always good to get off to a winning start.

Also there is no surprise about the fact that Matthew Knox got into the team of the week.

The next game for us was the 2016-17 Betfred Cup Second Round against Inverness CT. We were looking in good shape, we won 4 games in a row and we were hoping that maybe we can cause an upset against Inverness CT.

Both teams had great chances in the first half. Shaun Byrne had a free kick in the early stages, it went over the bar and Charsley had a good chance in the 26th minute but it went wide. Josh Meekings was a huge threat because of his long throw-ins. We switched to a defensive style and it was 0-0 at half time.
In the second half, Buchanan created a good chance for Knox to score and it grazed the top of the bar. There was a good move by Inverness in the 56th minute, Roadall had a shot, a brilliant save was made by Maley. There was an own goal scare after Mulraney jinks past the defender, his shot hits Crighton and trickles towards Maley, and he saved it. At the same time Jay Willis came in for Scott Pitman, shortly after that Jay Willis made a nasty tackle on an Inverness player but somehow does not get booked.
We switched to a more direct style of play in the 63rd minute. Shortly after that Inverness had a great attack, Polworth passed it to Doran, he dribbled into the box and scored, we trail 1-0. Cammy White came on for Nicky Cadden in the 67th minute. Meekings was a threat through his throw-ins and he threw the ball to Polworth in the 68th minute, who shot and the ball just smashed the bar. The Livingston defence cleared it.
A few moments later, Doran attempted something like a shot, and while defending Alan Lithgow scored an own goal in the 74th minute, the ball just trickled into the back of the net.
Doran had another chance through a quick attack by Inverness but it was hilariously wide.
A final throw of the dice by me as I sent Danny Mullen on for Matthew Knox in the 76th minute. We switched back to a more attacking style, hoping that we can get a consolation goal. In the meantime there was another chance for Doran, and then later we had something like an attack in the 81st minute.
A few minutes later Inverness had a great attack, Meekings threw the ball to Charsley, he passed it to Polworth, Polworth passed it to Doran and Doran scored. 3-0 to Inverness. Game over. They scored in the 89th minute.

That's how the game ended. We lost to Inverness CT 3-0 away from home. It was a disappointing defeat. We collapsed after showing so much resilience for a little more than 60 minutes. The mental aspect of our performance was something which let us down. Aaron Doran was the star of the game. Alan Lithgow was unfortunate with his own goal. My tactical switch to a direct style did not work out. We were brought back down to earth after 4 straight wins. Unfortunately our Betfred Cup run this season ends at the round of 16. We have exceeded expectations in this competition, so I cannot complain that much.

This is the league table so far. We are third in the league. Also Matthew Knox is our top goal scorer. Liam Buchanan and Nicky Cadden top the assists table with 2 each. Shaun Byrne has 2 man of the match awards. Matthew Knox has the highest average rating, i.e 7.38. Jordan Sinclair has a 90% pass completion rate which is the highest amongst our players.
So far it is a steady start to the season. We have been scoring goals. Our defence is slightly worse than attack, but for now it is under control. Shaun Byrne is bossing the midfield. Matthew Knox is showing the talent he possesses. Liam Buchanan has chipped in with important goals.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to your response and feedback. :)
C'mon Livingston! :D
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Chapter 4

After the cup defeat against Inverness CT, we need to do something. It was against Scottish Premier League opposition. But it was a 3-0 loss. There have been training sessions to correct things after that defeat.

So we had our game against Airdrie away from home and it was the 2nd league game of the season. And we made sure that the boys were prepared for this game.

There was some good news as far as the injury situation is concerned. Craig Halkett is back from his injury. Hopefully now he can help the team.

This was the second game for us in the league, Airdrie away from home. Sean Crighton played against his former team. I made a few changes to the lineup. Rafa De Vita played instead of Nicky Cadden and Michael Miller played ahead of Josh Mullin.

Fitzpatrick from Airdrie had an early chance in the 4th minute but did not score. The first few minutes of the first half passed. Then Conroy showed some tricks and flicks and passed the ball to Leitch in the 12th minute who had a chance but could not score against us. We then had our first chance of the game in the 17th minute and it was created by Buchanan in the 17th minute but their goalkeeper, Ferguson held on to it.
In the 26th minute Conroy swung the ball from a corner, McGregor headed the ball, it was saved by Maley.
Fitzpatrick took another corner shortly after that, Gary Maley completely missed the ball, Conroy took a shot, it hit Byrne, the ball fell directly to Coogans and he shot it in the back of the net. They score, it is 1-0 to Airdrie in the 27th minute. A few minutes later McDonald crossed the ball for Airdrie, Iain Russell jumps higher than the defender and heads it in the back of the net. In the 31st minute we are now 2-0 down against Airdrie. I then gave instructions to my team to attack.
Jacobs then crossed the ball and it went to Buchanan, whose shot smashes the post in the 41st minute. McKay had a shot at the other end but Crighton blocked it. This happened in the 43rd minute and then Leitch followed it up with his chance in the 44th minute. Conroy had a free kick the very next minute, so there was a flurry of chances at the end of the first half for Airdrie.
We trail 2-0. The defense is an absolute shambles. We need to do something.
I brought Ronan Hughes on for Rafa De Vita. Airdrie continued their attacks this time it was Leitch again in the 55th minute. but Crighton blocked it. I switched to a 4-3-1-2 formation for the rest of the half. Knox had a chance for us finally in the 61st minute, but Ferguson saved it. Simon Mensing then got sent off for a rubbish tackle in the 62nd minute, it was a free kick for us. Byrne played a short free kick, passed it to Pitman, Pitman shot the ball, ball fell directly in the path of Matthew Knox and he scored. We've pulled one back. The score is now 2-1 to Airdrie.
I took off Liam Buchanan and brought on Danny Mullen to provide a different option in attack. Hughes crossed the ball from a corner in the 74th minute, Alan Lithgow heads it to Sean Crighton, Crighton shot it but it went just wide. Mullen had a shot two minutes later, that went wide too. Nicky Cadden came on for Rafa De Vita in the 79th minute to provide some freshness. In the 87th minute, Mullen had a chance again but it went wide. Then there was a great attacking move by our team, which led to Matthew Knox putting the ball in the back of the net in the 89th minute but it was offside. We were very unlucky. We still trail 2-1. Then to rub salt in the wounds, McKay had a chance in the 91st minute, he shoots while Maley is mid-air trying to make the save, it goes over him, hits the crossbar and goes in. 3-1 to Airdrie. GAME OVER.

The match ended 3-1. We lost to Airdrie away from home. We were quite unlucky in the end. The first 30 minutes we were sluggish and we paid for it. After their player got sent off, we played a little better. But it was not enough. Gary Maley was really terrible. And his mistakes cost us the game. Matthew Knox was our only shining light. He gave his absolute best. The midfield lacked creativity. Could've been a different game, if it weren't for that offside. I don't want to talk about the referee's decision because it was a very tough call. Simon Mensing's tackle was disgusting and those sort of tackles can ruin a player's career. We should have done a lot better in this game.

Our club received 50,000 pounds because Stefan Scougall played 50 games for Sheffield United. That's pretty good.

The next game was against Kilmarnock Under-20's at home in the Scottish League Challenge Cup. Rafa De Vita and Scott Pitman have been dropped for the game. Nicky Cadden is De Vita's replacement and Keaghan Jacobs is playing in central midfield. The hope is to get through the next round, so lets see what happens.

Keaghan Jacobs had an early corner, Alan Lithgow headed the ball wide from it in the 2nd minute when it reached his head. Then Callum Roberts had a chance for Kilmarnock's Under-20 side. Then Matthew Knox had a chance in the 5th minute but his shot went over the bar. There was another chance for the opposition through Morrison in the 12th minute, but Crighton gets in front of the ball and blocks it. Just two minutes later, Keaghan Jacobs fouls a Kilmarnock Under-20's player in the box and gives away a penalty which Roberts converts in the 14th minute. We're 1-0 behind. Then Buchanan had a chance for us in the 21st minute but it went wide. Lithgow then passed the ball to Longridge in the 31st minute, he shot the ball but it was held by the keeper. Lithgow then got booked in the 42nd minute. At the end of the half we had a chance through Jacobs, but the opposition keeper made a save.
We are 1-0 down at half time. There is still some hope, we created chances. We just had to convert them.
Byrne had a free kick in the beginning of the second half for us but it hit the wall. At the other end of the pitch a few minutes later, Michael Miller makes a poor backpass to the goalkeeper, Roberts pounces on the ball and scores in the 53rd minute. It's 2-0 to Kilmarnock's Under-20 side. Things are not looking good.
Scott Pitman came on for Shaun Byrne immediately after they scored and Danny Mullen came on for Liam Buchanan in the 58th minute. Danny Mullen got injured unfortunately as soon as he came on. Nikolay Todorov came on for Mullen then, there was nothing much we could do. I switched to a 4-3-1-2 again this time with Jacobs behind the strikers. The rest of the second half petered out, it's safe to say that my tactical switch did not work. And we got knocked out of the cup.

The game ended 2-0 to Kilmarnock Under-20's. Another defeat. We were hard done by. Mullen's injury and the penalty were huge factors in this game. Two mistakes. Two goals. If Mullen was not injured, perhaps there could have been some impact. The strikers were just not good today. Michael Miller's error cost us big time. The quality of chances created was not good enough. To lose to an under-20's side was a real dampener. Credit to them. They showed a lot of enthusiasm and hunger to win. Callum Roberts is a future star and he showed exactly why. Sean Longstaff was great for them. The defence played like regular first team players. We were unlucky. Knocked out of another competition, we have to shift our priorities now.

This is the confirmation of Danny Mullen's injury. He is out for 7-9 weeks with a torn groin muscle. It's bad news. We hope the other strikers step up.
Also we set the record for the lowest attendance in a Livingston game this season, it is record which will be nearly impossible to beat and it is very infamous. Just 19 PEOPLE attended the game against Kilmarnock Under-20's. NINETEEN. The funny thing is that the lowest attendance before that was 510 people in a game against Elgin City in 2010. Who knows, I could have picked some of the guys to play from the audience watching the game and they would have performed better..

We played a home game against Kilmarnock Under-20's without home advantage. Only Livingston can pull this off.

Our next game was against Stenhousemuir in the league. It was at home. I played Halkett, Sinclair and Mullin in this game instead of Lithgow, Jacobs and Cadden.

The first half started slowly. The first event was a booking for Conner Duthrie from Stenhousemuir in the 20th minute. Our first chance came when a Stenhousemuir player fouled one of my players in the box and we got a penalty. Liam Buchanan took the penalty but his penalty got saved by the keeper. There were a flurry of bookings in the first half with Jordan Sinclair, Willis Furtado, Jamie McCormack and Mark Gilhaney got yellow cards. Three out of the four players were players from the opposition side. It was 0-0 at half time. Nothing much happened apart from the penalty.
In the second half, Mullin made a run and shot from outside the box but it was not a threat. This happened in the 50th minute. Keaghan Jacobs came on for Ronan Hughes in the 53rd minute and also Stephen Stirling got a yellow card at the same time, another opposition player who was booked. Then Colin McMenamin joined the booking party when he got booked as well in the 66th minute, I brought on Nikolay Todorov on for Liam Buchanan and Nicky Cadden on for Josh Mullin. They had no impact. The game ended 0-0.

We got 1 point in this game. I would've rather slept on the touchline than watch this game because it was too boring to even talk about. It was such a forgettable game. Nothing really happened. Liam Buchanan missed a crucial penalty. We would've won. This was a snooze fest. Such a poor game of football.

The next game was against Queen's Park in the league away from home. Nicky Cadden and Mark Millar played ahead of Josh Mullin and Jordan Sinclair in this game.
The first half was very very boring and nothing happened till the end of the first half. In the 45th minute there was some great passing by the players of Queen's Park, the ball goes to Zanatta and he scored. We trail 1-0. But then just seconds after that Ronan Hughes from our team runs down the wing, puts an early cross, Knox jumped and put a lovely header in the back of the net. Score is now 1-1. It was 1-1 at half time. At the end of the first half it appeared that the game sparked into life.
But, alas this wasn't the case because the second half was another drab half, nothing really happened. I brought on three subs, Scott Pitman on for Mark Millar in the 58th minute, Keaghan Jacobs on for Nicky Cadden in the 77th minute and Josh Mullin on for Ronan Hughes in the 89th minute. In between all the substitutions, Zanatta got a yellow card in the 66th minute. 1-1. That's how the game ended.

This game was a very uneventful and boring game. We got a point. But there wasn't much creativity from the midfielders. Matthew Knox had a good game. The defence was very good and we restricted them. We had to open the shackles ourselves to score more goals, but we didn't. It's okay, for now. We are getting points. We need to be a bit more free flowing in attack.

Also the summer transfer window is now shut. These are the biggest deals in our division.

But then there was some great news as Matthew Knox got both player of the month as well young player of the month of August 2016, which is just very very impressive. Congratulations Matthew Knox! :D

Nothing much happened in the week before this game. This is the 5th game of the league this season and it is against top of the league Alloa away from home. I played a very attacking style of play. I dropped Liam Buchanan for this game because he was in poor form and played Nikolay Todorov. I played Scott Pitman ahead of Mark Millar in the game. I also changed the formation to a 4-3-1-2. Scott Pitman is playing behind the strikers.

The game started off slowly. Then in the 14th minute, Pitman passed it to Longridge, he crossed it to Todorov, Todorov headed it in the back of the net. We lead 1-0 against Alloa. There was a flurry of chances for us in the box in the 29th minute but Alloa's defence cleared it. Graeme Holmes from Alloa got injured after that in the 33rd minute, it was a damaged heel. Hughes then passed it to Todorov, and he passed it to Knox who was through on goal in the 41st minute but it was saved by the keeper. What an opportunity we missed!
At half time we were leading 1-0. We played some very good football and created lot of chances. We did well in the first half.
In the second half, things did not get off to a great start as Miller makes another calamitous back pass to the keeper it was not good enough, as Dylan Mackin uses his pace to pounce on the ball in the 53rd minute to score the goal. It is now 1-1. Then a few seconds later Spence had a shot but it went wide.
Liam Buchanan came on for Matthew Knox in the 55th minute and Keaghan Jacobs came on for Scott Pitman in the 67th minute. Spence had another chance for Alloa at the same time but it went wide again. Mark Millar then came on for Shaun Byrne in the 78th minute. Alloa then had a chance, Maley came forward, there was space for Spence to shoot but Halkett showed some ninja like skills for us, he blocked it with his head in and it was brilliant defending in the 84th minute. Then we had a chance at the other end immediately, Buchanan ran with the ball, passed it to Jacobs who shot, the less said about that shot the better. It went way over the bar.
Alloa had a last minute chance, Spence made the run and Greig Spence scored in the 89th minute. We trail 2-1. Alloa had another chance in the last moments of the game, but Maley made the save. Final score is 2-1 to Alloa.

This game we were unlucky. We threw it away in the end. We played so well in the first half and it was all Alloa in the second half, Craig Halkett tried his best. Nikolay Todorov had a good game to be fair. Michael Miller's back pass was fatal. It allowed them to come back in the game. It was a devastating loss as we lost the game in the last minute. We need to improve.

We have now gone 6 games without a win, we absolutely need to improve in the upcoming games.

We are 7th in the league at the moment, we need to improve. Livingston have to score more goals, and the team needs to be in the right place mentally to break out of the bad run. Matthew Knox is the top scorer with 7 goals this season, Matthew Knox and Nicky Cadden still have 2 assists each, Scott Pitman has the highest pass accuracy with 85%, Shaun Byrne has the most man of the match awards. Matthew Knox also has the highest average rating with 7.05.
We look like a one man team at the moment with Matthew Knox carrying the team. Buchanan's goals have dried up at the moment and we need more of a contribution from our midfield. Ronan Hughes and Nikolay Todorov look promising. Apart from that not many positives so far. We got knocked out of the Scottish League Challenge Cup as well to Kilmarnock's Under-20 side, so that is a moment to forget.

I hope you are enjoying the series so far. Please leave your feedback and response in the comments below.
C'mon Livingston! :D
Chapter 5

Rafa De Vita has an issue, he wants first team football. Now I have not been impressed with his performances this season. So I told him that I cannot give him the football he needs and he has to prove himself.

But then pretty much the whole squad was unhappy, so I made squad morale my main priority, I told the squad that I will give Rafa De Vita a last chance to prove himself.

The next league game was picked by the club as a fan day. It's a great thing for the fans coming in for the next game. Also Sean Crighton and Jackson Longridge got picked in the team of the week.

Jim Leishman started talking about our club in an interview and he talked about how our team was struggling in the league. I know how serious the problem is, Jim. I have no problem with you saying that.

Also Mark Millar rejected a new deal to stay at the club, apparently he wants to play at a higher level.

Jordan Sinclair is fully fit, that's really good news for us. And hopefully he can contribute in the next few games.

Today is fan day. And it is also game no. 6 of the league. We are playing Brechin at home.
The game starts slowly. In the 9th minute we have an attack, the ball goes to Buchanan who passes it to Knox, he shot the ball and it was saved by the keeper, it only falls as far as De Vita who passes it to Jacobs. Jacobs shoots but the shot goes wide. Euan Smith then got booked in the 16th minute. Moments later, Millar had a free kick for us but it goes wide. Jackson Longridge got booked in the 39th minute. Graham had a free kick for Brechin, Dyer gets his body to it to score but it goes wide, Brechin have a series of chances seconds later, Nuttall's shot forced a save from the goalkeeper and then a chance from the corner for Brechin. On the other end, Jacobs put a lovely long ball for Buchanan, his dribbling skills let him down and the Brechin defenders cleared it in the 42nd minute. But then that clearance went straight to De Vita who kicked the ball towards goal but it went wide. McLennan has a shot for Brechin but he missed. Half time, score is 0-0. It was a good first half, would love to see more of the same.
The first event of the second half was in the 56th minute when Millar had a freekick and it was blocked by the wall. Brechin had a chance at the other end instantly, their player crossed the ball in the box, Nuttall headed it but it went just over the bar. Nuttall crosses the ball in, McLennan heads the ball in the 60th minute, but it strikes the post, he missed it from 2 yards out. Another chance for Joe Nuttall to score 2 minutes later, but he wastes it.
Mark Millar is on for Shaun Byrne in the 63rd minute.
We finally had a chance in the 65th minute, Ronan Hughes crossed the ball into the box, Buchanan headed it, but it was held by the keeper. In the 68th minute, Buchanan passed it to Knox, who shot the ball but it went over the bar. Then Joe Nuttall had another chance in the 69th minute, through a free kick but the wall blocked it.
Nikolay Todorov came on for Liam Buchanan in the 70th minute. Scott Pittman also came on for Keaghan Jacobs in the 76th minute. Fusco had a chance for Brechin in the 79th minute but it went wide. We had a few chances after that, Hughes passed the ball to Knox, he shot the ball from outside the box and it was saved by the keeper in the 82nd minute. Then in the 88th minute, Longridge crossed the ball, it went to the defender who cleared it, but the clearance only went as far as Hughes, he headed it but the goalkeeper held the ball. Brechin then had a few late chances but we weathered the storm.
The game ended 0-0. We will take the draw. It was a good point. Very entertaining game and anyone could have won it, the defenders from both teams did really well and I am happy with the defensive performance. Brechin was also near the top of the table so it is a valuable draw.

Liam Buchanan's goal drought still continued. He's gone 8 matches without scoring. It's time for him to turn it around. Also we need to turn our own form around, we have gone 5 league games without winning.

Declan Gallagher signed a new deal with the club. That's good news. Btw, a quick note on Declan Gallagher, the reason why he is not playing games now is because he cannot play games until January for some real life based reason. So FM has activated that aspect of it.

Sean Crighton continues his impressive performances as he is picked in the team of the week again.

Some good news for the club as Livingston are one of the leading producers of players in the Scottish National team which is very impressive for a club of our level.

The next game was a league game against East Fife away from home. Cadden, Todorov and Byrne come into the starting line up. Millar is playing behind the strikers.

Jackson Longridge had an early yellow card. Our first attack was a good counter attack by us which was defended well by the opposition. Millar crossed the ball from a corner, Halkett then had a powerful header but it went over the bar. Kyle Wilkie got a yellow card in the 17th minute. Insall then had a shot which was saved by Maley in the 26th minute. The next minute Penrice then crossed the ball, Robinson had a shot and it was saved again by Maley. In the 34th minute we had a number of chances but nothing resulted from it. Jason Kerr got booked in the 38th minute. Two minutes later, Millar then had a free kick and Hurst caught the ball.
The score is 0-0 at half time. It was an average first half, both teams had chances, the game was pretty even.
We switched to a more attacking style of play, Wilkie had a shot for East Fife in the 48th minute but it went wide. Wilkie then had another chance, he crossed the ball the very next minute and the ball thundered off the crossbar. Mark Millar got booked in the 51st minute. In the 55th minute Kieran Duffie got at the end of a cross by an East Fife player, he shot the ball, it went in but he was offside. Luke Watt got booked in the 56th minute. Insall had another shot for East Fife but it was held by Maley in the 61st minute. Buchanan came on for Todorov at the same time. Then we had a chance in the 65th minute, Millar passed it to Buchanan, he passed it to Knox, Knox ran into the box and kicked the ball, the shot went in despite the goalkeeper getting a hand on to it. We lead 1-0 against East Fife.
East Fife had a chance a minute later but it went over the bar. Then in the 70th minute they had a corner, there was a clusterfuck in defence. Two players of my team blocked two shots from East Fife and it was dealt with properly. I then brought on Scott Pittman on for Mark Millar in the 72nd minute. Knox passed it to Buchanan and he shot it over the bar in the 74th minute. Insall then had a chance in the 81st minute for East Fife which went wide. A few minutes later they had another chance when Brown had a long shot, it went wide. Full time. The scoreline is 1-0. We win.
It was a solid win, we defended very well, Matthew Knox scored a very good goal. I am really impressed with this win and we have now broken our winless streak. It was a dogged display and we showed a lot of determination when our team was low on confidence.

Danny Mullen and Liam Kelly are back from injury which is really good news and I am sure they will help the team.

Our next game was against Peterhead away from home in the league. Scott Pittman came on for Mark Millar in this game.
Dzierzawski had a good chance in the beginning of the game, it was saved by Maley and it was a brilliant save. Dzierzawski passed it to Anderson in the box in the very next minute, he shot the ball and it hit the defender but it fell towards Gordon who had a powerful shot which went into the back of the net. We trail 1-0. Perry then passed it to Noble, Noble crossed it to McAllister and he shoots it in the 10th minute. It goes in. SILENCE FROM THE FANS. 2-0. Peterhead is ahead in this game.

Peterhead then had a flurry of chances with the help of Dzierzawski and McAllister. Nothing really happened. Then Dzierzawski had a chance again in the 42nd minute, it hit the post. It is 2-0 at half time, we are losing and we need a solution.
In the early moments of the second half, Knox had a chance from long range, but he misses. Perry had a chance for Peterhead in the 53rd minute, and the ball was held by the keeper, it was a shocking miss for him. Two minutes later, McAllister had a chance which was saved by Maley. Kieran Sommerville came on for Liam Buchanan. Dzierzawski had another chance for Peterhead in the 70th minute, the shot goes wide. Jacobs and Millar came on for Byrne and Hughes respectively.
We had a half chance in the 89th minute, but while shooting a player from my team tripped in the box, it just summed up our day. To end the game, Michael Miller gave a penalty away which McAllister converted. It is 3-0 to Peterhead in the 90th minute. Full time, it's 3-0 and we lose.

We were completely outplayed in this game from start to finish. This is a worse performance than the Partick Thistle game. We had no chance against them, no chance. Very angry with the players. The lack of effort really showed, it was a difficult day in the office.

Michael Miller signed a new deal with the club, so that is great news for us. Also Matthew Knox our young talented striker has signed a new deal with the club, which is extraordinary news.

Jay Willis is out with a hernia for 4-5 weeks, and Gary Maley has a cold. That is not good news for us.

Our next game was against Albion Rovers in the league, I made 5 changes to the lineup with Danny Mullen, Mark Millar, Rafa De Vita, Liam Kelly and Alan Lithgow in the starting lineup.
It was a slow start to the game, then in the 13th minute Crighton passed it to Matthew Knox, who played the ball to Mullen, he has a shot but the keeper saved it. Albion Rovers have a nice period of ball possession and then a shot was taken by Ferguson in the 22nd minute but it went over the bar.
A throw in goes to Page. He passes it to Davidson in the 26th minute, but Davidson puts it wide for Albion Rovers. The next minute, Thomas has a shot and this is pushed away by Kelly. Pittman had a shot in the 32nd minute but it was saved by the keeper. De Vita then passes the ball to Hughes in the 35th minute, Hughes shoots but the keeper holds it. Ferguson then had a shot three minutes later but Kelly made the save. Archibald had a header a minute later but the ball hit the crossbar. Then we had a chance, White had a throw in, threw the ball to Mullen, who then passed it to Pittman, he passed it back to Mullen, he passed it to Millar who shot the ball in the 44th minute, but the keeper held the ball. Half time score is 0-0.
Ferguson then had a shot for Albion Rovers in the 54th minute, it went over the bar. Seconds later he got a chance, but Kelly made the save. He again had a chance, this time in the 58th minute, but he missed the chance to score. Ross Stewart had a shot from long range in the 60th minute, and it went in. What a strike. Albion Rovers lead 1-0. I switched to a more attacking and direct style. Mullen had a shot from long range the next minute, but it went wide. In the 67th minute, Ferguson had a long range strike but it went wide. Knox had a chance two minutes later, but the keeper held the ball.
Our team switched to a 4-4-2. We had a good spell of possession, Pittman passed the ball to Cadden, Cadden crossed the ball to Mullen, Mullen shot the ball, but it was saved by the keeper in the 74th minute.
Buchanan came on for Mullen in the 78th minute. And then instantly after that, Ferguson had a chance but it was saved by our keeper.
Knox passed it to Byrne in the 89th minute, Byrne crossed the ball in, Pittman was there to receive it, and he put the ball in the back of the net. 1-1. We equalize. Buchanan had a last minute chance, but he shot it towards the side netting. Final score is 1-1.

This felt like a win at the end. We had a late equalizer which was very crucial. The game was slipping away from us, but we got the point we needed in the end. Overall it was not a bad game, I wanted to see us win though but anyway a point is better than nothing, so that's a positive.

Matthew Knox and Jackson Longridge have been progressing very nicely in training. That's good to see, it's always good to see footballers from our club improve.

Also it is nice to see Livingston being one of the leading development clubs in the country.

Our next game was against Alloa at home in the league. We wanted to make up for that defeat against them the first time and we had to perform.

This game started off with a chance for Alloa, Hendry passed the ball to Waters, who passed it to Mackin, Mackin to Holmes, the shot goes wide. We had our first chance in the 6th minute when Longridge took a throw in and threw the ball to Knox, Knox backheeled the ball to Pittman, Pittman passed to Byrne, Byrne passed to Hughes, he shot the ball, it was held by the keeper.
Mackin from Alloa had two consecutive chances and missed both. Matthew Knox then passed it to Pittman who had a chance in the 17th minute but it was saved by the keeper. Alloa had a good move the next minute but we weathered the storm. The ball was given from a throw in to Holmes, he laid the ball to Regan Hendry, who shot the ball outside the box and scored. The score is 1-0 to Alloa. We switched to a 4-4-2. Things only got worse from here, Holmes had a shot, it went wide in the 25th minute, Burt passed it to Hendry, he passed it to Mackin, Mackin shot the ball and scored, it is now 2-0 to Alloa in the 26th minute. Mackin followed it up with another chance two minutes later, and then the next minute Mackin scored again, 3-0. Unbelievable. Absolute shambles. Holmes had a chance for Alloa from a free kick, 4-0 to Alloa. The heads of the players dropped. We were unbelievably poor in the first half as Longridge also got booked in the 41st minute, no noteworthy chances for us, all of them half chances and long shots. Half time, we trail 4-0.
Scott Pittman came off with a gashed head, Mark Millar came on in the 48th minute, Alloa's attacking instinct continued, our defence was caught napping again as they had another chance, but they missed. It was all Alloa. Danny Mullen came on for Buchanan and Rafa De Vita came on for Ronan Hughes in the 59th and 70th minute respectively. The substitutions made no difference, Alloa's attack kept continuing, we had a rare opportunity in the 76th minute through Matthew Knox, but he could not do anything as well. Mackin had another chance for Alloa, he scored again, 5-0 to Alloa. He was on fire.
Full time, we lose 5-0. Dylan Mackin absolutely destroyed our defence, we were terrible, every single player must be ashamed of that performance, no effort, no commitment, just an absolute shambles, it was a joke. I can't believe how poor we were in every department.

So this is the league table, unfortunately our form has not improved, we are still near the relegation zone in 8th place. The defence has become worse, players are not performing at all. Scott Pittman is the only player who appears to have improved. The rest have regressed big time. We need to turn this around.

Thank you for reading, I hope you are enjoying the series. C'mon Livingston! :D

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