Mar 18, 2013
Reaction score
In Football Manager I will admit I do try to imitate the ways in which managers play there game. Recently I have done this to good effect and I have "been" Tony Pulis and Martin O'Neill at both of there respective clubs. I have done this to success too.

However, using Wolves (my side) and with the help of the FMRTE editor I plan to actually simulate a season through, and relegate them to League 1 to copy the current state of (very sad) affairs. With this I then intend on creating my own little story and using Kevin Keegan as a kind of role playing exercise, reason I want to do this is because in real life this is the kind of football Wolves fans need to see for the next few seasons. Just no nonsense, full on attacking flair, if not Keegan because obviously he is out the game now, then think Ian Holloway.

So can somebody come up with a system in which this can be implemented? In can be a totally new and formed system in which I can plug and play and build my side around this but obviously the main ingredient of it would be to score goals. I am already thinking it would be "Very Fluid" with "More Direct" which in turn would coincide with a Keegan/Holloway framework but I am open to suggestions.

If somebody could provide me with a tactic or pinpoint me to a tactic on here then that would be very well appreciated.

I look forward to your responses.