Nov 14, 2012
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I am a side in 2017/18 who's target is to challenge for the title. I need a cb and a lb. Have you got any suggestions. I have about £50,000,000
Kurt Zouma should be decent now, so try him at centre half, Alaba/Umtiti for the left back slot, Umtiti can also play centre half.
Just go for regens... Really... No point you buy these players... If you are looking for a good CB who is not a regen and you don't mind the age, look at this Brazilian called Dede. He is beast if you bought him at the start but I am not sure how he looks when 2017/2018. Since due to the age, he is most probably much much cheaper already... Would recommend that even if you buy him, only spend a maximum of 10m due to his age :) sorry for long reply...
Raphaël Varane would probably fit into any Premier League team.
I don't know what Sakho is like in that season,but in the second season, he is seriously good,only cost £10.5million! He might be a useful experienced cb in your season! His rating was at 4 stars,potential of 4 and a half....
nastacic.... Hummels... Kompany... Craig Norman in yeat 2017 i ever had
At this point in time regens, look at some of the biggest national teams and look at their u20s and see if you find anything you fancy :)
my cb partnership in mid 2016 consists of 31 year old agger and a german 18 year old called Hartmann :)