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A-League (Australia)

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Finally got FM 2006 delivered in the post. WHAT A GREAT GAME!!! ***** all over CM series. Can play in the new A-League (Australia). I finished runner-up to Melbourne in my first year playing with Sydney FC, also finished 4th in the Club World Championship and made the quarter finals of the Asian Champions League, which was also won by Melbourne (****** Mexicans!). I let Dwight Yorke go on a mutual termination after it became apparent that he was more interested in ******** the female population of Sydney than scoring goals (in real life he is playing very well for Sydney in the midfield, as well as ******** the female population of Sydney).So far in my 2nd season I have only lost 1 game out of 18, with Sasho Petrovski scoring 20 goals. I have a bank balance of $20 million and world class training facilities. I have not downloaded the patch as yet as the game seems to run very well. Better go now as I am playing in the final of the cup competition against...that's right, snotty old stinky Melbourne.

My dream is to take over from Mr Hiddink as Aussie manager.

WHAT A GREAT GAME!!!:yikes: :yikes:


To a-league or not?

The A-league can attract some big names, when they are past their prime in europe, I found that South American/Middle and North American, Asian, Middle eastern and Scandinavian/Eastern European players will sign up. Also Australians who are playing oversees will eventually, if not right away come back home to play. Obviously depending on financial gain for them. Attracting Australasian players is better for your A-league team as in the Asian leagues, and cups you are only allowed to use 3 foreign players. I recommend players such as (J.McCain) and (Wilkshire). Just a few problems exist in the A-league on fm2006, a few stadium names are wrong and a couple of players for some reason started in wrong teams for 2005/2006 season.
As far as my own exploits in the game, I'm also playing with Sydney FC, I have won all three of my premierships, 2/3 pre season cups, 2 ffa cups, 2nd in asian cup, and 4th in club world champs. My key to success? Sell Yorke (too xpensive,too old), Get better coaches/physios. Look in the arabic lands for out of contract players.( Sabry, Khasaba, Aliev) Get some scottish youngsters ( McKeogh). Please keep this thread going as i'm in dire need of some fellow a-league fm2006 interaction.


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Sep 15, 2005
Gregor said:
Doesnt Dwight pwn the Aussie league on the game?

Im sure Sean said he done well for him.

What sorta players can you attract?
Dwight was pretty good for me. Can't remember how well as I havn't played it for months.

I don't even remember what big players I signed, apart from Frank De Boer :D


Dwight plays well, but his 10.000 aus dollar a week salary compared to the next highest at 2000 is not worth the trouble when you can buy players that will play for even 5000, and are only 24 with stamina of 16. I'm going to see about De Boer and see if i can attract him to Sydney.
I am also having trouble with salary. For some reason when my board gives me extra salary funds, or new funds for the forthcoming year, and i go to buy a new player, everything goes through fine, but when it comes to finalizing the deal, it gets cancelled due to unsufficent salary funds. Which quite clearly are there though. i have room in my squad, i also have room for registration. Why why oh why can i not finalize my sign up?


I've installed all available patches. All i can think of is that, something is conflicting with it, like another add on or something.


Nov 13, 2005
queensland tried to sign on eof my athletico madrid players cant remember who but he was a youngun in the c team good stats i remembered but they didnt end up making a bid declared interest only.