Jul 17, 2010
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With my Atlantis database all-but completed (just a few minor details left), I'm in need of another stupidly large project for me to take on. And a brief, throwaway comment from a friend on Twitter led me to this - a combined league for Westeros and Essos!!

Now, I should point out that I've only read the first book and watched the TV series, so I'll be basing the game on the latter rather than the former (apologies to any purists that offends ;) ) but I'll also be researching as much as I can to get the details right.

The league structure is as yet undecided, but is likely to be one or two "national" divisions, including clubs from both Westeros and Essos, then supported by regional divisions running in parallel, one for each continent and with as many divisions as necessary to fit it all in.

Both Westeros and Essos will be created as playable nations, in Europe (Central and South, respectively). These nations will then include all the relevant regions (Andalos, The Flatlands, The North, The Reach, etc.), and all the cities, towns, and other significant settlements. Stadiums will be based on castle names where possible, and every house/faction will have at least one club. Notable characters from the series will of course be in the database - heads of Houses as Chairmen/Managers of their clubs, and others as players/staff.

So far, definitely in Alpha - currently just working on getting the names in for all the cities/stadia/regions/etc. and I'll worry about the league structure when I have a better idea of how many clubs I'm looking at ;)

As with the Atlantis database, I intent to make a companion graphics pack to go with this. It'll certainly have club crests, but whether or not it will have full sets of kits as well depends on how many clubs I end up with. Designing nearly 150 unique kits for the Atlantis database was utterly exhausting!

Even though it's at a very early stage, any suggestions are most certainly welcome! :D
We did a Game of Thrones week over on KotW. Looking forward to see what comes of it, being a fan it's something up my street.