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May 24, 2009
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Not sure if this is the right section. However I am managing in the Portuguese First division with Portimonense and my best player called Renatinho will not sign a new contract. He is worth around £1 million and I don't want him to leave on a bosman.

This club is quite small, it was worth barely £1.5 million last season, i'm now in the second and the club is rated at £3.3 million so we don't have much money, i'm working on peanuts despite being League title chasers, but my question is - How much should I sell Renatinho for? I don't want him to leave on a free, but I want to get a good bit of money for a player with a 150ish PA and has been easily my best player. He will not discuss a new contract at all and I do not want to use FMRTE because I want to be realistic.
£3 M would be an excellent price for him, i always sell my player´s to three times they´re value, but always they had to be under 28-29 .. how old is that guy ?
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Sell for at least 5 mill, city will probs buy him :p
4 and a half months. He has some angry Japanese agent that hasn't opened contract talks for a while now.

I doubt you will be able to get any money for him, I suppose you'll have to let it run down and hope he accepts a new one at last minute.
Best way to try is offer him out for a max 5m then c if you get any offers than try 4m than 3m etc.
no one will buy him if hes only got 4 and a half months left theyll just offer him a contract and get him for free