Feb 2, 2013
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Hey fellas. Long time lurker, first time poster in this section. I've always wanted to publish a tactic and I probably will at some point, but I have a question for the Italian football experts; how can I make this tactic a little more like Zona Mista, the more attacking variant of Catenaccio? What could I do for player instructions, team instructions, roles and positions? Is there anyway you think it should be improved?

An interesting looking formation :)

I would love to see a Libero tactic where the Libero actually does get forward, I'm not sure the ME actually handles that well though. I've tried Liberos before and they very rarely seem to make any movement beyond even the centre backs, let alone past the half way line.

If you can then great, if not its probably best to revert to using a Sweeper instead.

Other than that, a DLP in midfield rather than your AP could help provide better cover for your attacking wingback, and perhaps set your attacking midfielder to an attack duty with one of your two strikers set to support.

I think a true Catenaccio is nigh on impossible to recreate with the ME, with zona mista probably the same, so the nearest representation you can get to may be a more realistic goal. Happy to be proven wrong so good luck and let us know how you get on :)
I intend to give him on the player instructions full creative freedom and to get forward as much as possible. Thanks for any advice. Think I need Raikan on this one.