Jan 11, 2011
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Why Brazilian players don't receive Work Permit in Npower Premiership ? Burley - season 1.
Because you need a work permit if that player is outside of the EU. Sometimes it isn't accepted because, in real life, they don't feel it is necessary for them to work in this country.

Is that what you're asking?
Yes... But i'm trying to sign some players wich in Romania they are accepted and here in Premiership the can't play . One of them is Junior Moraes , who is playing in the Romanian Championship.
the only way a work permit will be accepted is if a player has played over 50% (?) of their countries internationals in the last 2 years, or if they have an exceptional talent, in which case it may be accepted on appeal. also it's not the npower premiership, its the barclays premier league.
Players won't get a work permit without playing a percentage of their national teams games within the last year. It also might depend on club rep and/or wage? It used to, I really don't fully understand work permits I just approach and see. I always look for dual nationality ;)
To qualify for a UK work permit a player must be from a nation that is ranked 150 or higher in the FIFA world rankings. He must also have played in 75% of his national teams fixtures in the previous 2 years.

Appeals can overturn a rejection on the grounds of a special talent: ie a young and exceptionally gifted player. Or injury, ie Anderson got his work permit at Man Utd as Utd got the Brazilian FA to confirm that Anderson would have been picked for more national team games had he not suffered a knee injury which kept him out for 9 months.
no, he means premiership, but the barclays premier league..