News A Look into Football Manager 2024’s New Intermediaries & Offloading Players Feature


Jan 7, 2011
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The Football Manager series has always been about mirroring the intricacies of the real football world into a virtual managerial experience. The latest iteration, Football Manager 2024, brings a couple of exciting features to the table - Intermediaries and Offloading Players, aiming to refine the transfer market dynamics and squad management even further. Here’s a delve into these new features and how they add a layer of realism and strategy to the beloved game.

A Fresh Take on Player Offloading
Offloading players who no longer fit the team's plan is a common task every virtual manager faces in their FM career. However, FM 2024 acknowledges the frustrations many have encountered in this process, and thus introduces enhanced agent interactions to ease player offloading.

Now, managers have the option to 'Ask Agent About Market Interest' from the Transfer dropdown on player profiles. This action triggers a quick chat with the player’s agent, providing managers with three response tones: ‘Desperate,’ ‘Keen,’ or ‘Curious,’ reflecting their urgency to sell the player. Based on the selected tone, the agent will then provide the current market value of the player and the interested clubs if the player is open to moving. But beware, if the player is caught off guard by the selling intention, the agent may refuse to engage, and managers might need to strategize further to offload the player. This new dialogue system aims to provide better clarity on player valuations and market interest, although it doesn’t guarantee a sale every time.

Introducing Intermediaries
If the conventional agent route hits a wall, FM 2024 brings in a new player - Intermediaries. These are brokers that managers can hire to facilitate player sales, especially when the player’s agent is not cooperative, or the offers don’t meet the expectations. Recruited by your Director of Football or a relevant staff member, intermediaries work on generating new interest and assisting with securing a move for a percentage of the final transfer fee. Their effectiveness is gauged by their reach and ability as agents, with a maximum commission capped at 10% of the overall transfer fee, mirroring the professional football world. This new intermediary system aims to evolve squad management, opening new strategic avenues for managers to explore.

The Verdict
These new features in FM 2024 bring a sense of realism and strategic depth to the transfer market dealings, making the game even more engaging. The nuanced agent interactions and the introduction of intermediaries certainly add a new dimension to squad building and player offloading, promising an enriched managerial experience whether you are nurturing wonderkids or looking to offload underperforming players. Through these additions, FM 2024 continues to uphold its reputation of delivering a comprehensive football management simulation, marrying the real-world football dynamics with the virtual managerial realm in a way only Football Manager can.

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