Apr 1, 2014
Here i give my opinion on some future prospects and wonderkids that i think excel there potential ability and wonderkids that tend to fade and not do so well.I will start with main players most have heard of and my opinions and then i will give you my personal preference on who to sign.I will also give my rating out of ten on who to sign , this will go on how they end up growing in terms of performance but also what they can offer from the start. Read everything especially at the bottom :)

To start with Oxlade Chamberlain seems to be a player alot of people like to sing but tbh , with personal experience i have found him just to be another fast player that never really grows that much and seems to always be that bench player , id never fork out the money to sign him for a different club. All to their own but me personally i think you can sign better for the money. For me a 6/10

Now for Draxler , for me personally i have done well with draxler whether it be in a 433 or a 4231 he has always performed and done well in terms of goals and assists. He does come with a hefty price tag but i think its better to pay it while he is cheap than when he reaches ridiculous amounts. For me a 10/10

Another player signed alot is Lucas Ocampos , for me he is quite a star , He can be brought for an average price at the start , and grows into one **** of a player. Is good on the ball , highly ambitious and likes to run with the ball. Scores goals , creates goals and a good all round player , For me 9/10

Now marquihos is the sort of player most people sign as he is young good and fast , But deep down defensively i believe you can get better for the hefty price tag he comes with . While does have high workrate and teamwork his defensive stats just dont seem to go up enough for me. So for me its a 7/10

Ross barkley is a player that has come on the scene quite quickly and is being signed quite alot and for the right reasons too , for such a young age his stats are very high in numerous areas. He also tries killer balls often which is great to have on the centre attacking midfield position.He also can use both feet and score goals. He offers a good future potential and can offer something from the start. So for me its a 10/10

Sterling like oxlade i am disappointing in. Again a player that always under performs , seems great on the bench but you start him and all i ever see him do is run down the wing and mess up a cross or shot only against very low teams does he seem to score , this for me rates him at a 6/10

Luke Shaw also seems to have popped out of no where , once upon a time no one had heard of him and now he is the most sought after lef back in the world being linked with chelsea , Man Utd and real madrid but for now we will summarize him on the game. For me he performed very well from the first season to the last, he challenged evra for his position in my Man utd save and he kept it and made it his own.Great all round stats and good pace to his game and with an average price tag for me has to be a 10/10

Timo werner for me is one of the most under rated players on here. I signed him for bayern and he scored 21 goals in 11 games. He kept muller madzukic and pizzaro on the bench. Labelled the next klose and rightly so , he has been in great form for stuttgart in real life. On the game he posses great pace acceleration dribbling and pace , and unlike most his stats actually seem to grow , available at a low to average price this player is a must buy so for me its a guarenteed 10/10

Adnan Januzaj is another player which is either being Loved or some are labelling over-hyped. Either way he is absolutely great on the game , he has stats to rival most established players but at 18 with such high stats he is a must buy for any team , the only thing that lets him down is the high price you will need to pay , but if your willing to take a risk i can assure you the rewards will pay as this player is nothing short of a phenomenon on this game so for me its a 10/10

Now most people may have heard of these players but these are other players that are great to buy that with the right nurturing can be great first team players even world class.

-Kovacic 8/10
-Maher 7/10
-Powell 7/10
-Doria 7/10
-Fischer 7/10
-Meyer 8/10
-Zouma 8/10
-Niang 7/10
-Digne -7/10
-Halilovic 8/10

Now below is a list of players that not everyone has heard of but i personally think are great on the game , some can only be found once scouted or the league there in is chosen but there are some real gems there.

Angel Correa is a great player at san lorenzo with potential to be world class 10/10
Zakaria Bakkali is a great winger at PSV world class potential 10/10
Sebastian Driussi is a great AM/ST at River Plate , can be messi good 10/10
Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg is an amazing cm potential to be the next xavi 10/10
Tin Jedvaj is an amazing cb at roma potential to be world class 9/10
Julian Brandt is a great left wing at leverkusen potential to be world class 9/10
Dongou at Barcelona is amazing , can be used from start , could easily be next eto 10/10
Moi Gomez at villareal great cam/cm can grow to be best on game 10/10
Alex Grimaldo left back at barcelona b side, can also challenge luke shaw for best future left back 10/10
Guido Vadala , world class cam in future , next messi from boca juniors 10/10
Ryan Gauld from dundee can also be a top cam or winger , 8/10
Jordan Rossiter from liverpool can be an amazing cdm , 8/10
Ryan Ledson from everton cm/cdm can be top player 8/10


Now my two hidden gems are Tielemans from anderlecht at just 16 he is amazing he has 14 and 15 for all the important stats and can be best on the game if used properly and signed quick enough.

The other is donis avdijaj from schalke he is also 16 but has amazing stats already again he can be best striker on the game 10/10

As usual all feedback is appreciated and a like on my profile is welcomed!!


Apr 1, 2014
This is based on my personal preference , not every young talent is mentioned else id be writing for days instead of hours lol :p

If there is any you would like my to personally try out for a season ill sign them and see how they do for me :)

And ill write something up for you on how they do.


Mar 21, 2010
I have Avdijaj. At 20 his finishing is 19, composure 18, off the ball 18, anticipation 16 and lots of 16's. Have had him tutored but he develops very well.

Doria is 10/10. Madrid were prepared to pay 48m for him.


Apr 8, 2014
No mention of Eder Alvarez Balanta? Possibly the best player in the game!


Apr 1, 2014
I have never signed balanta and he never seems to pop up in the top players when i play but ill sign him and let you know how i do :D


Aug 12, 2009
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29 Goals, 8 Assists, 7 POM, 7.34 Average rating in 46 games.

?400k from FC Metz.

Not sure if he falls into the hidden gem category, but for ?400k he's pretty decent.
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Dec 5, 2011
Humam Emaq (not sure if his surname is spelled like that but search under Humam and you ll find him). He's awesome.

Also Dal Cason - about 60k to buy (560 if you want 100% of him) he's 19 **** potential, improves and scores loads.

Also MAUPAY - dunno why people are not mentioning him he scores for fun.


Jan 11, 2013
Here's a couple of stats from my young players who are performing over and above who I classify to be "Wonderkids" to a certain degree (they're young and they're world beaters in their positions in the right team):

Michy Batshuyai:
Games: 80 (excluding 4 off the bench)
Goals: 65 (including 3/3 penalties)
Assists: 20
Average Rating: 7.4

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Hakan Calhanoglu:
Games: 82 (excluding 4 off the bench)
Goals: 34 (including 6/6 penalties)
Assists: 51
Average Rating: 7.8

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Julian Brandt:
Games: 41 (excluding 6 off the bench)
Goals: 15 (including 1/1 penalties)
Assists: 16
Average Rating: 7.4

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Jonathan Tah:
Games: 80 (excluding 6 off the bench)
Goals: 12
Assists: 2
Average Rating: 7.3

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Erik Drum
Games: 38 (excluding 4 off the bench)
Goals: 3
Assists: 2
Average Rating: 7.2

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Apr 5, 2012
Haven't got exact stats in front of me, but 2nd season Januzaj came 2nd in World Player of Year and scored approx 50 goals and 40 assists. He's my No.1 target every season. Always play him on either wing as an attacking winger and get him swapping with other winger, ie: Di Maria. Deadly combo, also had Depay and Sterling in other saves to rotate with.


Jun 19, 2010
Which wonderkid are the best ?? 5 stars ? (odegaard,tielemans,balanta,pogba?) where i can find them