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A new challenge


Nov 28, 2009
Growing pretty bored of my old save so open to suggestions to a new creative challenge. Currently trying to have Ben Woodburn break Liverpool league goal scoring record.

A few that spring to mind are:

Paris French only - Simple really only can sign French players or homegrown Paris players.

Barcelona Homegrown - Overhaul the squad and bring back as many homegrown talent as possible and rely on La Masia from then on.

Monaco/Ajax/Benfica - Youthful dominance. Simple again just rely on their young squads and build further.

Lower league management is something alien to me so probably would fail miserably, obviously could try the return to glory days for Leeds, or Pompey back in the Premier League and given I'm from Ireland another idea would be to try get an Irish team to European glory.

Any suggestions/recommendations/positives/negatives/queries etc are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance


Mar 25, 2016
There are loads of various challenges around, it just depends what sort of a save you want, but some ideas:

You could try breaking the dominance of Juventus or Celtic in their respective countries or get Celtic to be competitive in Europe.

Olympiakos have won 18 of the last 20 Championships in Greece...and no-one other than CSKA Moscow/Zenit have won the Russian league since 2009 - they could be interesting duopolies to break.

Success could be brought back to sleeping giants such as Valencia, Marseille, Galatasaray, Parma, Napoli, Schalke.

You could try improving on real life and keep Hull, Sunderland or Middlesbrough in the Premiership, or if you wanted to go back further than Leeds & Pompey in the leagues, Tranmere have fallen even further.

Failing that, International management & getting England to the World Cup might be fun!

However, if you want a real challenge, AS Poli Timisiora start their campaign in the Romanian league with -14 points...


Feb 27, 2017
Is it long or short term challenge you want?

You could take the idea for the Barcelona save but use that as like a championship and below team and take them to the top? I'm doing a save with Coventry at the minute and trying to get them competitive again the Premier League.