Sep 25, 2012
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First of all, I should introduce myself, you can call me Maxi. I am new in the forum, nevertheless, I have been lurking it for a very long time. I got caught in many of the stories that the members of this site make, so I decided to share mine.
About ten years ago, when I was just a teen, my brother and I talked about what we would do if we were millionaires. The first idea that popped up was to buy a football club and manage it, driving it to the glory. We imagined buying a very little team called Ñuñorco, who nowadays plays in the Argentinean fifth division (I am from Argentina BTW), but in those times were competing in the third division. We grew affection for this team due to its out of the ordinary name. It is one of the few teams in the world whose name starts with the letter Ñ (Its pronunciation is similar to the Portuguese NH). We fantasized about the players we would buy, and the titles we would won. That, of course, is very unlikely to happen in real life, but with the help of this magnificent game I can emulate that fantasy.

Game Info

Version: 13.3.3
Database: Custom
Selected Leagues: England, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain (Top leagues) and Argentina (sixth tier)
Editor changes: Argentinean lower divisions and an improved economic status to Ñuñorco.

Ñuñorco is a football club located on the city of Monteros, Tucumán, Argentina. It was founded on the 22nd of June on 1941. The club lived their glory days playing on the Argentino A and Argentino B tournaments (Third and fourth division respectively), but they could never be promoted to an upper division. They are considered one of the big clubs in Tucumán that never played on the first division.


The founder boardroom consisted of fans of Boca Juniors and River Plate, so it was hard to decide the colours of the institution. The debate continued longer than expected, so they decided to bet on a coming derby. River Plate won that derby; therefore Ñuñorco wears white and red.

Any other information you want to know, just ask and I'll see what I can do, I do not know much about this club either.

League structure


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Note: As I did not plan to share my story when I started my save, the first two seasons won't have as much information as the following ones.

Season 2012/2013

We started in the Torneo del Interior, that is to say, the fifth tier. 200 teams play in this division, and they are divided in 16 groups. Those who finish first, second and third, qualify for playoffs. Those 48 teams fight for the 12 promotion spot.
When I arrived, the team had no players, so I had to sign the whole squad. Even though we had a large budget, most players wouldn't sign for us due to our terriblle reputation, so the squad was formed mostly with youngster. These are the results these players have achieved:

As you can see, we passed through this division with ease, winning our group and qualifying for the playoffs. We only lost one game, incredibly at our home against Unión Deportiva Catriel.

In the playoffs we continued with our splendid performance and we destroyed our rivals, with aggregate results of 9-1 against Puán and 7-2 against Olimpo de Tres Arroyos.

Finally, this is the best eleven of this season, in which we were promoted to the Argentino B, the fourth tier.
Criticism is welcome.
Season 2013/2014

[FONT=&quot] As we climbed up one division, I considered that at that moment the squad was not strong enough to gain another promotion, so I rebuild the team. Only our striker, Villa, remained in the first team. Others continued as substitutes and third options. We signed players whose quality exceeded by far the media of the Torneo Argentino B. For instance we signed players of the first tier, such as Parodi from Belgrano, Jofré from San Martín de San Juan, Sotelo from Huracán and Benitez from Newell's. Furthermore, we signed five foreigners: Carrasco from Chile, Chavez from Peru, and Thomas, Airton and Ricardo from Brazil. Nevertheless our most outstanding incorporation was [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Eduardo Coudet.[/FONT][FONT=&quot] He arrived at the club being 38 years old; however he became our star and honoured his history, that includes big teams such as Rosario Central, San Lorenzo, River Plate, Necaxa and Celta de Vigo.[/FONT]

Copa Argentina

[FONT=&quot]As we were in the Torneo Argentino B, we could compete in the Argentinian Cup. We were not very lucky our draws and we had to play against strong teams for our division. We defeated with some difficulties Ben Hur, Camioneros and Sarmiento de Leones, but we lost in the penalty shootout against Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero, who played on the third tier. Nonetheless, reaching the fourth round can be considered a success for our team, who played this cup for the very first time.[/FONT]
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Argentino B

[FONT=&quot]There are 100 teams divided in 8 groups, and only three get promotion, so we have to play very well to achieve our goal. We did, and again we won our group. However, it was not decided until the last game, because San Jorge, a neighbour of our team, played fantastically.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]The quarter finals and the semi finals were quite easy and we played with substitutes on both second games. We defeated Belgrano de Paraná and Gutierrez. The final was a different story; we needed extra time to defeat Independiente de Chivilcoy, as we drew both matches.[/FONT]
View attachment 347538

Best eleven

Finally, this is the best eleven of the season in which we gained promotion to the third tier.

At last, something really original!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice story! Lots of info, loving it :)
Thanks guys! Third season is coming to an end, so probably tomorrow there's gonna be an update.
Season 2014/2015

The market was quieter for us than previous season. However, we did some important signings. For instance, Cuevas was our top scorer and Bailo stats were far better than our previous keepers'. On the other hand, Diaz and Diagne were two of my worst signings in the history of FM. As you can see, even though I have a large budget, I only signed free players or players whose contracts were finishing. I don't want to waste money unless a star is coming.

Copa Argentina

We started on the fourth round of this years' cup, and as opposite as the previous edition, we were favoured by the draw. We won without difficulties our matches against Juventud Unida, Desapamparados and Estudiantes de Río Cuarto. We even played with substitutes these rounds, except against Desamparados.

Those results allowed us to play against our first premier division rival: San Martín de San Juan. They were clearly superior to us, bur they could not show that in the game. The match was even and boring until the 80th minute when Benitez connected a header that gave us the advantage. San Martín looked desperately for the equalizer, and that allowed us to counter attack, scoring two more goals and gaining the ticket to the next round.

God was merciful again and we were drawn against one of the weaker teams that survived the previous round: Racing de Córdoba. They were similar to us in characteristics and quality, so I thought that if we beated a premier division team, they were gonna be a piece of cake. They were not. The first half saw us losing by 2, and when there was no more hope, we were given a penalty on the 78th minute. Benitez did not fail and he put us back on the game. On the 87th minute, Benitez again became a hero scoring from a corner kick, forcing the penalty shootout. We were precise on every shot and they missed their last one, so quarter finals were expecting us.

Our luck had to finish one day, and it did. We were drawn against Boca Juniors, one of the biggest clubs in America, and in the world I would say. Even though they played with some under 23 players, we were no match for them. We did not play bad though, and our keeper obtained his best qualification ever.

Torneo Argentino A

There are 25 teams in this competition, and only the champion is promoted. The contestants are divided in two groups, and the best four of each group qualify for the playoffs.
As expected, it was harder this year. On the first half we had some terrible results such as 1-4 against Crucero del Norte and 0-4 against Gimnasia de Jujuy. Nevertheless, on the second half we were unbeaten for 9 games, leading to this standing with only one game left.

We had to travel to Misiones in order to face the leader: Guaraní Antonio Franco. If we beat them, we win the group.
We can take into account that some players were tired after playing against Boca during the week, but still... Our football was inconsistent and our rival was superior. We could not win the group, It doesn’t matter as long as we secure a playoff spot, but it would’ve been nice.


Tiro Federal was our first rival. They had a bit more quality than us, and they showed in the first half of the first leg. They were winning 1-0 but in the second half our players woke up and scored 6, yes 6 goals! I still don’t believe it. On the second leg I gave substitutes a chance, we lost but we still went forward.

Rivadavia de Lincoln awaited us on the semi finals. We had already played against hem on the league stage. 1-1 away and 2-0 home were the result. We expected a close match, but again our player performed brilliantly and we won 5-2 the first leg. On negative side, we lost Garcia for the rest of the season due to an injury. Substitutes played the second leg and we drew 1-1.

Just two more games and our dream of promotion could become a reality. Our rival was Racing de Córdoba who almost eliminated us from the Argentinian Cup. I don’t know how, but we crushed them, 6-0 was the final result. On the negative side, that match was the last game of our idol, Eduardo Coudet who was booked and could not play the second leg. He retired at the age of 40. The second leg was just bureaucracy, and we won again, but just 1-0.

We will be playing on the second tier next season. From now on I will start updating every six months in the game, in order not to spend much time without posting. Comments and critics are welcome.
I realize that it would take me a fair amount of time to post every six months, so I decided to update in a monthly basis.

Season 2015/2016

The boardroom asked for big name signing, and I provided as much as I could. Players still don't want to come to our club, so I mostly incorporated players that are near retirement, but that can still make a difference in this division. On the other hand, we got rid of players that would not get enough minutes. I believed that we robbed Villa Mitre by selling Ercocera and Chavez for 300k and 100k respectively.

Carlos Casteglione, Cristian Cellay and Matias Donnet are the big names that the president was asking for. Casteglione is known for winning the Copa Sudamericana playing for Arsenal de Sarandí. Cellay is known for having played for Boca Juniors and for winning the Copa Libertadores with Estudiantes de La Plata. Moreover, you might remember Donnet for this:


View attachment 349158View attachment 349159View attachment 349160View attachment 349161View attachment 349161

B Nacional

Finnaly! A simple, common league with no playoffs, in which the 1st, 2nd and 3rd are promoted. As regards relegation it is not so common, as it is decided according to the average points per game of three seasons. That is something very questionable of our football. Anyway, we have no intention of being relegated, so we shouldn't worry about that, should we?

There are 20 teams, but Talleres de Córdoba did not fit in the image. Furthermore, we are gonna play two derbys this year, against Atlético and San Martín. They are both from the same province as we are: Tucumán.

Atlético Rafaela 2-3 Ñuñorco
Goals: Cuevas x2 – Donnet
Cuevas was included in the team of the weak.

Ñuñorco 0-0 Nueva Chicago
Booked: Casteglione

Chacarita 0-0 Ñuñorco

Ñuñorco 1-3 Instituto
Goal: Klusener

Argentinos Juniors 1-1 Ñuñorco
Goal: Klusener
Booked: Klusener

Ñuñorco 1-1 Rosario Central
Goal: Cuevas
Booked: Sotelo – Klusener

Huracán 1-2 Ñuñorco
Goals: Vaz – Klusener
Booked: Parodi
Vaz was included in the team of the weak.

Ñuñorco 0-0 Talleres
Booked: Villamarín

Ñuñorco 3-2 Atlético Tucumán
Goals: Cuevas x3
Booked: Pereyra

We had an auspicious start by defeating Rafaela at their stadium, but then we had a series of five games without knowing victory. Things needed to change, and they did. I called a meeting in order to raise the morale of the players, and there were changes in the first team also. The last three games were a whole different story, we beated Huracán, who were the leaders at that moment, we deserved to win against Talleres but the ball just didn’t want to go in and we won the derby against Atlético Tucumán too.
We now sit comfortable at the 7th​ place, and we are back in the track for promotion.

In other news, for the first time a player of our team was called for international duty. Federico Vaz played well with Uruguay U-20


Aldosivi 1-2 Ñuñorco
Goals: Cuevas – Battaglia
Booked: Battaglia
Cuevas and Casteglione were included in the team of the weak.

Central Córdoba de Rosario 2-4 Ñuñorco
Goals: Lazo – Sotelo x2 - Cellay
Lazo and Sotelo were selected in the team of the weak.​

San Martín de Tucumán 1-3 Ñuñorco
Goals: Vaz – Sotelo – Klusener​
Alarcón and Lazo were selected in the team of the weak.​

Ñuñorco 2-0 Douglas Haig
Goals: Villamarín – Cuevas

Ñuñorco 3-3 Banfield
Goals: Klusener x2 – Cuevas​
Injured: Cellay – Alarcón


The team has shaped up and we almost finish the month winning all five games. Banfield ruined it for us, but considering that we were down 1-3, it is not a bad result after all. On the downside, we are conceading a lot and that worries me.
For the last two seasons I've been signing left midfielders with better stats, but Sotelo always manages to earn his place in the first team. I hope he continues playing this way.
The league now sees us in the third place, and that means promotion. Anyways, we must not get too excited, as the competition is fierce and there are 24 matches left. If we keep this performance we are gonna give a good fight.



Platense 0-1 Ñuñorco
Goal: Klusener
Booked: Vaz

Ñuñorco 3-0 Defensa y Justicia
Goals: García – Klusener – Casteglione
Booked: Lazo

San Martín de San Juan 0-1 Ñuñorco
Goal: Klusener

Ñuñorco 0-0 Patronato
Booked: Klusener

Boca Unidos 2-1 Ñuñorco
Goal: García
Booked: Alarcón – García – Casteglione


Last update I was complaining about our bad defensive permormance, and now I show you how welll we did. Bailo secured four consecutive cleen sheets, until we crossed paths with Boca Unidos. They not only managed to score, but also ruined our series of fourteen unbeated games. Furthermore, we lost the first place and drop to the third one again. However, we are still in a promotion spot, and my players are doing so much better than expected.

View attachment 349684

Other news

Federico Vaz was considered the second best player of november.

We start the Argentinian Cup in the sixth round, and the draw has already been decided. We are up against Talleres, whom we already faced in the league. This match won't take place until March, though.

As regard the transfer window, we are only allowed to sign two players. Francisco Grahl joined the club as a free agents, and I don't intend close another deal. Furthermore, we got rid of Carabajal and Malbernat, who did not get enough playtime. Both of them we sold to Villa Mitre for 275k and 95k respectevely.

Next official match will be on the 30th of January, so next update won't be up until March is finished. That won't be long I believe.
Any suggestion, recommendation, critic or comments in general will be apreciated.
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I know I said that there would not be any more signings, but I didn’t have a choice. Our substitute keeper wanted first team minutes, but that was not going to happen. He got angered and asked for the termination of the contract, so I agree because I did not have a use for him. I searched for a decent substitute whose wage requests were reasonable, so I found him:

Unless something happens to Bailo (God forbid it) He won’t play at all. Let’s see our results, shall we?

Ñuñorco 1-1 Atlético Rafaela
Goal: Grahl

Ñuñorco 2-0 Chacarita
Goals: Cuevas – Vaz

Nueva Chicago 0-0 Ñuñorco
Booked: Cellay

Instituo 2-2 Ñuñorco
Goals: Klusener x2
Booked: Villamarín

Rosario Central 2-1 Ñuñorco
Goal: Vaz
Booked: Klusener – García

Ñuñorco 3-0 Argentinos Juniors
Goals: Agustinoy – Cuevas – Klusener
Booked: Cuevas – Casteglione

Ñuñorco 4-2 Huracán
Goals: García – Pereyra – Klusener – O.G.
Booked: Battaglia


Even though we had a rough patch, only winning one of the first five games, we recovered against Argentinos and were able to maintain our promotion spot. We are now sitting at the second place, hunting Rosario Central.
Grahl’s debut was auspicious, coming from the bench and scoring the equalizer against Rafaela. However, the following match he got injured and he will be out of the fields for about two months.

In other news, Klusener was awarded player of the month.
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Copa Argentina

Ñuñorco 3-2 Talleres
Goals: Klusener x2 – Cuevas
Booked: Sotelo

What a game it was! We went down by 2 at half time, but in just ten minutes we performed a spectacular comeback, then we defended the result vigorously. Klusener was on fire!​
Vélez awaits us in the next round.​

Ñuñorco 1-0 Vélez
Goal: Klusener
Booked: Klusener – Alarcón – Villamarín

Vélez underestimated us and presented a mix of substitutes and youngster to face us. We made them pay. 1-0 and we are going to face either Colón or All Boys in the eighth round.​

B Nacional

Talleres 1-1 Ñuñorco
Goal: Klusener
Booked: Casteglione – Agustinoy

Atlético Tucumán 0-0 Ñuñorco

Ñuñorco 1-2 Aldosivi
Goal: Klusener
Booked: Sotelo – Battaglia – Airton

Ñuñorco 4-0 Central Córdoba de Rosario
Goals: Mazzoncini – García x2 – Pereyra

Douglas Haig 0-4 Ñuñorco
Goals: Grahl – García x2 – Donnet
Booked: García


As regard the Argentinian Cup, we played two great matches. We came back to defeat Talleres and dominate our match against Vélez.
Concerning the league, we started badly this month, without winning in the first three matches. We, however, get our forma back and destroyed both Central Córdoba and Douglas Haig. We are irregular in this competition, but so are our rivals, and as a consequence we are still on the second place, just two points behind Rosario Central.


Copa Argentina

A short run for us in the Argentinian Cup, in which we could not equal last season progress. Colón just erased us from the field, and now I am anxious about what’s ahead of us if we finally achieve promotion.

B Nacional

Banfield 1-3 Ñuñorco
Goals: Sotelo – Vaz – Battaglia
Booked: Lazo – Vaz

Ñuñorco 5-2 San Martín de Tucumán
Goals: Sotelo – Villamarín x2 – Klusener – Cellay

Ñuñorco 1-0 Platense
Goal: Battaglia
Booked: Agustinoy – Cellay – Grahl – Thomas

Defensa y Justicia 1-1 Ñuñorco
Goal: Cellay
Booked: Casteglione – Lazo – Vaz

Ñuñorco 0-2 San Martín de San Juan
Booked: Klusener

Patronato 1-1 Ñuñorco
Goal: Grahl
Booked: Cellay – Vaz – Grahl

We promoted! Can we win the title also? With one game left these are the current standings:

We needed to defeat Boca Unidos in order not to depend on any other result.

What a battle it was! It was really a though final, as were fighting for the title and they were fighting in order to avoid relegation. Both teams left their souls on the field, but only one could achieve its objective. Boca Unidos was relegated and Ñuñorco won the title!


It was an awesome season in which we had our ups and downs. Fortunately, our rivals were as inconsistent as we were, so we could win the league in the last breath. On the other hand, I expected to, at least, imitate our previous performance in the cup, but that could not be possible.
I am very happy with how the new signings contributed to the team, and with the achievements they could obtain. Here are the final stats

I am also really proud because we were unbeaten in the derbys

View attachment 350437View attachment 350438View attachment 350439View attachment 350440

Now some questions for those who are reading this story:

What would you change or improve in the way I update?
Do you think there is any information I should give and I am ignoring?
Are you enjoying it so far?
Thanks in advance!
2016/2017 Pre-Season

A quiet market for us. Just five players arrived, and most of them are young but with a lot of talent. I couldn't find Argentinian players that were better than our our current ones, and as our foreigner slots are filled, that's all we brought.

View attachment 350713

Nelson Ibañez

View attachment 350714

Finally! A keeper that can be a decent subtitute. He will rotate with Bailo in the first team.

Mario Campos

View attachment 350715

El Salvador international striker. We brought him for 16k and now he is valud 500k. A great young prospect that will be part of the first team.

José Rivas

View attachment 350716

Another great young prospect. This Uruguayan will play on the left wing.

Jaime Munari

View attachment 350717

Argentina u-20 international. I expect him to control the midfield

Carlos Fondacaro

View attachment 350718

He can play both in the right or in the left, as a defender or a midfielder. So he is a good substitute for us.

The squad

View attachment 350719View attachment 350720

First Stage

In Argentina, seasons are divided into two stages, giving two champions per year. Furthermore, the league is very competitive and all teams start with equal chances of winning. As you can see, it is very rare that a team win two times in a row.

We had a good start having great results against bigger teams like Godoy Cruz, Estudiantes and Racing, but then we walked downhill and we could not stop. We lost five games in a row and that puts us in a complicated situation as regards relegation. Here, relagation is decided taking into acount the average of the last three seasons. (Points per game)
As we did not achieve our goal of 25 goals, we are obligued to make a 30 points campaign in order not to be preocupied about relegation.

In other news, I took charge of Guinea-Bissau national team. It's just for fun and in order to gain some international experience until a job is available in South America.


Guinea-Bissau, officially the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south and east, with the Atlantic Ocean to its west. It covers 36,125 km² (nearly 14,000 sq mi) with an estimated population of 1,600,000.

Guinea-Bissau was once part of the kingdom of Gabu, as well as part of the Mali Empire. Parts of this kingdom persisted until the 18th century, while a few others were part of the Portuguese Empire since the 16th century. It then became the Portuguese colony of Portuguese Guinea in the 19th century. Upon independence, declared in 1973 and recognised in 1974, the name of its capital, Bissau, was added to the country's name to prevent confusion with Guinea. Guinea-Bissau has a history of political instability since gaining independence and no elected president has successfully served a full five-year term. On the evening of 12 April 2012, members of the country's military staged a coup and arrested the interim president and a leading presidential candidate.. The military has yet to declare a current leader for the country. However, former vice chief of staff, General Mamadu Ture Kuruma has taken care of the country in the transitional period and started negotiations with opposition parties.


When I took charge, the national team had already lst the opportunity to qualify fo the African Nations Cup. However, It has done a good campaign in the World Cup qualifyers, having defeated Congo and RD Congo.

It seems impossible, but we must take points from South Africa if we want to go through this group. We are going to give our best with the squad we have. Here are the ost remarkable players:
Campos looks like a young Bianchi

Have you tried him as a poacher?