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Mar 28, 2013
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Just been watching Goals on Sunday with Paul Ince & his son Tom Ince, and it got me thinking that it would be a cool little feature if a regen player was your son. He would come into the academy at your current team and you would obviously be one of his 'favourite people' - and you can then develop your own son, he would perform better if he played for your team.

It would be a fairly pointless, but still nice, feature to include in the game. Like Paul & Tom Ince, Harry & Jamie Redknapp, Roberto & Andrea Mancini etc.

Or, does this already exist and I have just not noticed it?
It does occur in rare instances and although ive not played fmc, ive heard that if you stay at the same club for 10 years then your son appears in your academy although im not 100% sure on the second one
You can do it on FMC, have a player at the club you're at retire after 10 years of being there and you can then use the option to put your son into the game.
Never unlocked it myself as I don't play FMC but I've heard that your son is usually really poor and only useful in lower leagues.
Pretty sure this does already exist in the game.
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