Mar 24, 2013
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This is my very first story on fm base and my first ever venture into Serbian football. I have chosen Partizan Belgrade to try and restore a former footballing giant and because after several viewing on YouTube I've fallen in love with their fans 'The Grobari' are a wall of noise for 90 minutes (Let's hope they are the same in game)

A first look at the sqaud is... Young, very young, the average age of the first 11 (pre transfers) is just 23 years old and that is with a 34 year old in tow. I am slightly worried about the lack of experience but, if I can keep the most promising youngstersm very excited about Partizans future.

Top 5 Players:

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If I can hold on to Mitrovic I feel I'll have a scary prospect on my hands, at 17 he's the best thing since Fierro. I shall post an update tonight, I just wanted to get this intro out there for people to see, thanks for reading.
Will be following.

And you are right about their fans, they are amazing as I found out live when the local team I support played against them 4 years ago and I when to see them.
this should be a interesting one. will keep tabs on it good luck turbogav.

shame you chose Partizan though as i'm more of a red star lad but will let that pass ;)