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Jun 28, 2010
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To start with, this is my first story so please give me a chance. Feedback would be greatly Appreciated and also, what do you think of the Title?

I can now not find my save and it appears to be missing, so if mods would kindly close and hopefully i could make another story

sorry it ended so soon guys but i am looking to make a new story :)

Craig Levein Leaves Scotland National Team After Punch-Up With Kenny Miller

The SFA are disappointed to confirm today that manager Craig Levein's Contract had been terminated for violent conduct. The Manager was involved in a training ground fight.

The Punch up took place during a training session where Levein reportedly lashed out at Kenny Miller after Miller allegedly claimed that Levein was not good enough for the job.

Levein was said to have thrown wild punches at Miller, resulting in a cut to the eye needing medical attention. Miller is in a stable condition but is shocked by what happened and has apologized for his words.

Miller has also been fined by the SFA for improper conduct.

Despite the blow Miller has chosen not press charges.

Levein Has stated that he is bitterly disappointed with his conduct and has come out and publicly apologized to the Scotland Fans and Kenny Miller and hopes he can return to Management soon.

Fans are calling for a Scotsman at the Helm but Steve Bruce Could be tempted by international management.

Alex McLeish could return for a Second Stint after proving to be a success at Birmingham

Though he was the fans first choice, Sir Alex Ferguson has immediately ruled himself out according to his spokesperson but his son is believed to be looking for a new challenge.

Odds For next Scotland Manager
David Moyes 3/1
Steve Bruce 8/1
Alex Mcleish 10/1
Darren Ferguson 50/1
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Jul 8, 2010
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Nice op mate! clear and detailed good start :D
Aug 6, 2010
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I like the OP mate:)

Only suggestion is to lower the case on typing ( put most writing on 2 or 3 apart from headings) and I hope darren feguson gets it;)

If you want, take a look at my morton game and if you wish comment on it:)
Jun 28, 2010
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Moyes Not Done With Everton

David Moyes has today released a statement regarding his status as Everton Manager.
The statement read:

“ I would like to take the opportunity to thank the SFA for considering me for the job of Scotland Manager. It has been a life long ambition of mine to manage my country but I believe that I still owe it to Everton to continue to push for Europe this year.
I however would like to take up this opportunity at another time but I believe that currently, the time is not right”

Reports have surfaced that Steve Bruce has asked to be offered the job of Scotland Manager.
It is believed he wants a two year deal.

Scotland Fans are Furious that Bruce is being considered as they are adamant on having a Native manager

Information Regarding Potential Managers
Darren Ferguson has reportedly asked the SFA to consider him for the role.

Neither Ferguson or the SFA have released a statement regarding these reports.

Alex McLeish Has once again declared interest in Re-Managing Scotland.

Latest Odds
Steve Bruce 4/1
Darren Ferguson 5/1
Alex McLeish 8/1

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I like the OP mate:)

Only suggestion is to lower the case on typing ( put most writing on 2 or 3 apart from headings) and I hope darren feguson gets it;)

If you want, take a look at my morton game and if you wish comment on it:)
Of course ill take a look mate, one thing, do you think the title is ok?
Jun 28, 2010
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Darren Ferguson Not the man for us

The SFA have today said that they will not take on Darren Ferguson as he does not have enough experience to handle the pressures. They have however thanked Darren Ferguson for his interest but are not willing to risk causing unrest with the fans. They wish Darren Ferguson Well for his future endeavors and in no way are questioning Ferguson's Ability to manage a club

Ferguson is believed to be disappointed but wishes the next manager well.

They have also said that it is now a two horse race, with Steve Bruce and Alex McLeish the men they are considering for the Job.

Bruce is believed to have lashed out at McLeish, claiming that he had already had his "turn"

Fans are calling for McLeish to return to the helm but Bruce is favourite, due to the lack of success of McLeish's First Reign.
Fans are reportedly going to boycott Attending Scotland Games if Bruce is Picked, until he leaves

Steve Bruce 3/1
Alex McLeish 5/1

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Yeah its actually very smart:) I take it mcleish will be the new manager?
Possibly :p
Jun 28, 2010
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McLeish Appointed to manage Scotland again,
Birmingham Look to Rookie!

Scotland Fans are in a jubilant mood as Alex McLeish Has been appointed once again as Scotland Manager ahead of Steve Bruce. The 52 Year old is believed to be thrilled that he has been chosen once again and has told the fans that he wants to Bring success to the Nation.

Due to this appointment, Birmingham are now managerless and are looking for someone to take the helm. Carson Yeung reportedly has a desire to bring in a rookie, who is apparently very talented.

Birmingham Fans are believed to be Infuriated by the reports and ]re pleading with the chairman not to appoint a rookie and appoint Martin O'Neill but the media are swarming a young manager called Jake Campbell, who has just got his coaching badges,and he has Reportedly Been Offered a Contract.

Could O'Neill Get the Job?

Birmingham Manager Odds
Martin O'Neil 2/1
Alan Curbishley 4/1
Jake Campbell 6/1

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Campbell Appointed As New Birmingham Manager!

In a fast paced 24 Hours, Birmingham have lost a very experienced manager and have replaced him with a rookie. Birmingham have hired Jake Campbell on a 2 year deal.

Fans are said to be very disappointed but some are willing to give him a go

He looks to bring success and has asked fans to give him a shot.

He has been given around 15m to spend, to achieve a respectable mid table finish.

Campbell Attended a Short Press Conference in a packed press room at St. Andrews. Giving Answers to some questions.

Campbell Press Conference
Press: Hello Mr Campbell, to start off with, how has a rookie like you managed to land a big job of Birmingham as your first job?

JC: I have managed to get the Job by impressing Carson Yeung and nothing else.

Press: Will you keep the current staff?

JC: Of course, I will not be removing any staff.

Press: Do you wish to state your budget for the season.

JC: I will not discuss any finances to do with Birmingham City.

Press: Reports Suggest that you are interested in Vaclav Kadlec, will you go on record with this?

JC: I think Kadlec is a good player and has potential. I may look to purchase Vaclav but I may not.

Press Officer: This Press Conference has now concluded.

Coming to St Andrews?

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Pre-Season and Transfers

Just to let you know, I dont play the friendlies :D
[ Torquay 1 - 3 Birmingham

Derbyshire x 2 - 6, 38
McFadden Pen - 32

Murphy OG- 44

Stranraer 1 - 2 Birmingham

Hleb Pen- 41
Elliot- 65
O'Connor OG- 74

Brentford 1 - 1 Birmingham

Derbyshire- 20
Forster- 83

AFC Wimbledon 2-2 Birmingham

Kedwell Pen- 16
Jiranek- 38

Brighton 2 - 0 Birmingham
Noone- 47
Murray- 77

Overall Rating Of Pre-Season: 4/10

Very Poor, with cheap draws and a shocking defeat to Brighton. Though the Assistant took charge im still disappointed

Transfers IN

Vaclav Kadlec-2.1m Upfront, 2m more in 48 months. Had to pay more as Barcelona and Sevilla Offered 4m+ but i beat them to his signature

Though Kadlec Was the Only Pre-Season Transfer In , Im still pleased 8/10

Im impressed with most of my squad so maybe only 1 more transfer IN

Transfers OUT

Stuart Parnaby 1.3m

Decided to sell him, to free up some squad space. He is the only Pre-Season Departure and maybe the only one this window

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Carling Cup Second Round Draw

Birmingham Will Play Coventry

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August 2010

Awful August For Birmingham

League Game 1: vs West Brom 1-1

We were on top for possession but we were wasteful, so many shots off-target. West Brom were favourites however but we also had 2 goals disallowed which was frustrating.

Match Rating: 5/10

League Game 2: vs Everton 1-0

Once Again The opposition were favorites. But we only got 1/4 of our shots on target and this needs to be addressed. Not suprised about the defeat but we need a win.

Match Rating: 3/10

Carling Cup Second Round vs Coventry- 2-1

Pleased to Proceed to the next round but im disappointed with the 2 shots on target which turned out to be our goals. Want a good cup run so im not too bad.

Match Rating: 6/10

League Game 3: vs Tottenham 0-3

We Werent expected to win but i expected better, this month has been sh*t but hopefully September will be better.

Match Rating: 4/10

On a Brighter Note!:

Charlie Adam Completes 7.75m Move To Birmingham(as seen in screenies)

Also: Birmingham Will Play Cheltenham in Carling Cup Third Round


I Believe We could pick up all 4 wins but with current form and wasted chances i predict 6 Points and Win against Cheltenham

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would love any feedback guys

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Unfortunately my save seems to be missing, which is disappointing. i dont know where it is but i cant find it. i will make another story but could mods close this one please
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