Sep 3, 2010
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not my idea got it from FM2010 fourms

I've seen this type of game on other forums but haven't noticed one on FM-Base. The rules are pretty simple: you start off at a club who's first letter is A. You must then win a trophy (or promotion) then move onto a team beginning with the letter B and so on until you reach Z.

You may load as many leagues as you like (the more the better as it gives you a better chance of getting teams beginning with X or Z). International jobs are allowed but you must win a trophy before moving on.

Good Luck!

No charity Cups
Sunday league rep
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Way too hard for me.
To be fair , I do not think anyone has a realistic chance of completing this , I believe someone has just tried to think of the hardest possible challenge and said this.
Now that's a hard thing to do... I can imagine the XY clubs... :D
But really to achieve something like that it would take like what, some 30-50 seasons, a scary scary number... :)
On the other hand if you go for this you won't need FM2012...
Nor FM2013... :D
Finally started last night got Athlone town in Ireland second division as i started unemployed they are fortunately top with few games left so first team could be short and sweet.
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I thought it was going to be a challenge to do with AZ Alkamaar...

The challenge itself is possible, it would just take a stupid amount of time to complete. Which is not really what a challenge is about.
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Can someone list a list of clubs from A - Z can fight for the tile furthermore they will accept you to be their head coach?