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Oct 28, 2010
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This story will follow my journey as I take on the challenge of making ABC one of the biggest and most feared clubs in South America. It's going to be a long journey to get to that stage but I'm confident that this can be achieved!

I will be using the latest official update so the game will start in December 2012, ABC find themselves in Serie B and desperate to get in to Brazil's top tier of professional football.

ABC History

ABC is the oldest club in the Rio Grande do Norte state and the club won the Serie C title back in 2010. ABC have won the state league, Campeonato Potiguar a record 52 times, including 6 since the turn of the century. America RN are the second most successful team in that competition but are still some way behind with 33 titles.

Club Details

I think the current squad is pretty good, like a lot of Brazilian teams there is a number of young players that can help us out and the media prediction of 11th is slightly underestimating us, in my humble opinion. A few players that stood out for me at first glance were,

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Renato is a young right back that's on loan from Sport Recife, he looks a decent player and in Serie B should make our defence more solid.

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Hamilton is a defensive midfielder that has all the attributes to be successful at this level, he also has plenty of experience.

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Junior Xuxa can play in a number of positions in midfield, I'll be playing him as a central midfielder though.


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I'm planning on using the State league as a tournament where I can experiment with the younger players that I have at my disposal, as well as try a few tactics ahead of the league season.

I'll post updates at the end of each month, hopefully this goes well! :D