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Dec 24, 2009
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Name: Abdullah Yaisien
Club: Paris Saint-Germain
D.O.B: 23.4.1994 (16 Years Old)
Nationality: French (Other Nationalities: Egyptian, Algerian)
Position: AMC (Natural) CM, RM, RW (Accomplished)

Strengths: Pace, Technique, Flair (Natural Fitness)
Weaknesses: Passing, Crossing, Teamwork (Strength)
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Description: Promising Midfielder
Personality: Lighthearted

Suggested Roles: Inside Forward, Attacking Midfielder

Found this guy while looking through the French League teams, I did search and found no results but I have no idea how well known he is because I don't keep up with this forum (Raikan probably found him yonks ago) Anywhooo, he looks a promising talent - when I first saw him I thought he was a winger, but he's a natural AMC. I think it would be well worth retraining him as a RW/RM. He has good pace, technique and flair, but poor crossing. He does not look well suited to being an AMC at this stage, but as an inside forward he could be deadly. His strength, passing and crossing definitely needs working on, but under the right tutorship and training I think this lad could become a quality player.
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I knew about him quite a while back when playing as PSG. Great prospect, like PSG's youth system and just needs good nurturing to become world-class.
Can anyone else not see the pictures I uploaded on Imageshack?
can see it now and his media handling is "unflappable"
Just had a 1.4 million bid rejected for him - he's quite pricy.
He looks a good talent, but you should also check out Alphonse Areola from PSG
Think everyone's heard of Areola mate. Quality player.
Just signed him a net game, like right this very second :) Hoping he'll turn out quality, fingers crossed :)
He is at Manchester United, Fergie bought him before I took over ;-) potentional to play at same level as Wayne Rooney but I think it'll be slightly less.
Battling it out with Arsenal at the moment for his signature.
yeah I signed him for United, has a lot of potential but due to my frikkin Crash Dump problem at the moment! I cannot see how he develops....

another guy who has a lot of potential is this Portugeuse youngster from Porto I think! damnit, cant remember his name! he is on my shortlist, will check tonight!
it starts with a G oO)
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