About the whole "FM Game Engine exposed" thing


Feb 13, 2024
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Y'all gotta be high if you let these "tests" ruin the game for you.

The experiment the OP conducted was extremely misleading (and a bit dishonest) because he said that only 9 attributes matter, but in order for them to work/break the game, they had to be complemented by other NON meta attributes such as work rate, stamina and determination.

Its impossible for the game to generate a player as unbalanced as the WHOLE SQUAD the other guy used for this test. So now are you going to sign players with only above average "meta" attributes? Or ignore players that don't satisfy that threshold? We don't get this type of players either way.

IMO, i think this was a bit of a pointless experiment as we already knew physical attributes are preferred over the other ones (as they should, after all we got Haaland and Nunez being key players for their respective teams). Its pretty silly to even imagine someone having 20 pace/strength/concentration/etc. because, apart from movies, we never saw a footballer with those attributes. The closest we will ever get to that is Adama Traore... and even him doesn't have 20 anticipation/dribbling/agility.
This whole theory/experiment gets debunked because if you drop the complementary non meta attributes to 1, the team will most likely be bottom of the table, as Zealand showed on stream.

Unrealistic premises will generate unrealistic outcomes.
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