About to undertake a massive editing project: advice wanted


Oct 9, 2010
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Hi, I would post this under editing help but I feel like that's for simple questions to be asked one at a time and I don't want to clog up the thread.

I just bought FM11 for the purpose of playing with this new database. I posted something about it on the custom database request thread, but it's closed, and anyways, this is too big a project to ask someone else to do. I'm a noob to editing (barely know how to use the editor) but want to create a database where most of the nations have a maximum of 0 foreigners rule (this would include all South American nations, CONCACAF with the exception of MLS, most European nations excluding the really minor ones, India, China, Korea, and maybe Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam if I can find them). Also I would create a few intercontintental competitions but that's besides the point. Anyways, of course the only way to do this is by totally recreating the pyramid of each league, which is very complicated and time-consuming. But I'm willing to do it, and I'm not going to play a single game of FM11 until the database is done.

Since I know so little about editing, I want your advice on how to do this. What steps should I take? From what I understand, here's what I need to do:

1. Learn the editor better

2. Learn about all of the rules of every competition, and this includes a whole lot of stuff such as fixtures, TV money, promotion/relegation (very complicated in nations like Argentina, where I would have to download the advanced editor to make the rules): where can I do this? I want to replicate the real life ones exactly.

3. Actually go out and make the nation rules for each nation, save each one as a database and post it here.

Anything else? Any advice? I'm pretty poor with the editor.

I think this would be really beneficial to everyone if we re-created the pyramids for each nation. This means that any time any one of us wants to edit one our leagues' rules (in my case, it's making the 0 foreigner rule, in your case, it might be getting rid of the homegrown rule or something like that) we can do so. It also gives us the correct names of all the competitions and corrects any other mistakes that SI made have made. And one nation is already done: Scotland. Dazamfc's Scottish level 11 database re-created the whole Scottish pyramid, meaning you can edit any of the rules of any of the Scottish leagues.

D4NNY is already working on it, I sent him a PM today to see where he's at, but if anyone else is interested in this than post here. If we get a lot of people on this we could do it quickly. And I could get on to playing FM 11 |).

Edit: may have found a way around the foreigner rule. I just noticed that if you just go to Add nation rules > add lower divisions and cups to existing structures, you can edit the work permit rules. If I make the permit rule for both existing and new players that their salary has to be 99999999999 quid per week, than no foreigners would have work permits, correct? And they'd all have to leave? Who do the work permit rules retain to, any foreigners? Or just people outside of the EU? What about in the UK? Do Scottish players need a work permit to play in the EPL?

Edit: didn't work, none of my players had work permit problems, not sure why.
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