AC Milan first season


Dec 4, 2010
Hi there! I started as AC Milan and figured out that 4-2-3-1 suits it best, at least that's my opinion.
Now, I really need a cheap backup for Montolivo and Boateng + a good defense partner for mexes.

My biggest wish is Astori, because he is from Milan and i bought him every year (real beast with thiago silva in fm12). But i think he is too expensive this year for my low budget Milan, what do you think?

For this formation i have too many BWM (De Jong, Nocerino, Muntari, Ambrosini etc). I think i will keep De Jong, Nocerino and Muntari and sell Flamini. Is this the right thing to do? Who would you keep for this position and who would you sell?

I have no idea who to get as a backup for Montolivo and Boateng, could you help me?

So ideally it would be:

Robinho/Emanuelson - Boateng/x - El Shaarawy/Bojan
Montolivo/x - De Jong/Nocerino/Muntari
Antonini/de sciglio - mexes/acerbi - astori/zapata - abate/de sciglio

What do you think or what would you do different? Maybe a completely different formation, players etc.