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Oct 23, 2012
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AC Milan a club that this season, has had a complete revamp in terms of the squad. In previous years they very much relied on the’ Old Guard’ such as Seedorf, Gattuso, Netsa etc…But now it is the start of the’ New Generation’ with the likes of El Shaarway, Niang, Montolivo, and of course the signing of one Mario Balloteli, all indicate the signs of a successful future for the Italian Giants.

My aim for this story is to
- Regain the right to be named the BEST team in Italy
- To once again become a serious force in European competition
- To help develop the likes of Niang and El Shaarway into Footballing heavyweights
- And to of course most of all, win.

There’s the serious introduction out of the way, let’s get to business!

I decided to start with ‘Transfer Windows OFF’…Simply because I want to test myself and my squad to the max, I also feel it’s a better way to evaluate your squad and see where your weak links lie etc…Also more realistic!
I’ve made a brief assessment of my squad and the following areas are in which I most probably will be looking to strengthen.
- CB – Mexes is the man main, but apart from him, the centre of our defence looks dodgy.
- LB – Antonini/Constant don’t really look to be the quality in which is required, De Sciglio looks like a great prospect though, either at LB or RB….
- LW/RW – Would like one more winger to compete with the likes of Robinho/El Shaarway

But like I said, this was just a brief assessment, will have to wait and see how the start of the season goes….

Next Update Due Shortly