Benzia for future potential
Volland as well is brilliant now and future
Abel is ok now but becomes very good as well

1) how much are each of them asking for wages and transfer price?
2) do you need instant impact or future?
3) do you have any Non Eu spaces available?

leaving office now so will only reply tomorrow
1. Volland
2. Abel
3. Benzia

Other options:

Sassa (under 19s Botafogo)
Wilfred Bony - a goal machine
Moussa Sow
Vaclav Kadlec (though takes time to get going)
Hernandez has become an absolute tank in my Sevilla save, signed him as back up for Negredo and it took him a while to settle and he missed penalties for fun but he will get 20+ a season while settled for sure
Facundo ferrerya, got him on my Swansea save and he's doing pretty decent at the moment 9 goals in 16 games isn't bad, has been out for about 2 months injured aswell