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Apr 25, 2010
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Thanks to Jackioo who eagerly declared participation in this project we can now go with the Cuts - Action Style Pack [name still to be decided].
The deafault ingame size is 300*300 (mod file will be shared within coming days) - so no worries it will scale down in fm2011 to that 300*300 size.

Disclaimer: Any cuts used that was not made by the team will have the makers logo ingame. As we do some tweaks like clipping, resizing and retouching and not making any profit out of it I do think this is fair enough. My intention is not to take any credit for this pack but to make the FM2011 look better.

La Liga
Athletic Bilbao (WIP)
Atletico Madrid

Bayer Leverkusen (WIP)
Bayern Munich (WIP)
Borussia Dortmund (WIP)
Werder Bremen (WIP)

TEAM: Cutters (Jackioo and Gliz2) Reaserch (Gliz2 and BlackSugar)

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Please leave some comments - especially the negative would help (why you don't like them?).

Jackioo's Mod

My mod

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I think they look awful, too much difference as to the picture that they feature in - sorry :S
I like them, nice new style of facepacks. Could you post a screenshot of what they look like in game please.
Awful -No

But not very nice to look at
I have posted Jackioo's and mine versions of the mod - which one you more like?

There can be the Attribute Graph visible and the picture can be rearranged to the left.

Well the question is do you like the cuts at all then?
i like it better than the normall ones they are always the same SHIZZ, i like em i would DL if you did england
Here is another option (have 800+ pics) was making them for myself and I love them. Maybe you will lake them to. There are fast to make and don need good stock.

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Yes it will be available as a Barclays Megapack (1 month time) and Championship megapack (3-5 weeks later).

Please leave comment on the mod version you like more (if nothing will else will just post two mods...)
OK I will do the English Premiership - first England national team for those interested.

Anyone wanting something to be done in this style please post a request here.
Beautiful you have to do this if you are a newbie ...
, but putting pictures of players like this is not good
I prefer to use the method of integration,

And not shear