Mar 27, 2013
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Hi, im new to the site so i apologize in advance if i have posted in the wrong section. Basically i need help adding lower leagues to the original database. I want to start a save as FC United. Any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance
I asked the same question not long after you.

Apparently you go to transfers at the top of this website then you can download new leagues from there.
Well there are files for extra leagues in the add leagues section of the site, but the one im looking for as well as you (the lower english one) doesnt work on the new patch of 13.3 ... if anyone know how to fix that please help
i managed to sort it last night, just after posting this, and it seems to work (half way through a season now). I went to the downloads section on this site, clicked on fm 2013, then clicked on the additional leagues option. On page 3 there is a download for English Level 9 (version 1). Downloaded that, and had to create a file within sports interactive/football manager 2013 called editor data. Then when you create a new game, underneath where you select what patch there is a box to tick to add custom databases. After clicking this it will take you to a new screen where you can select the download.

Hope this helps anyone who was stuck like me