Adding and removing leagues (need reccomendations based on specs!)


Jul 10, 2010
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I'm currently playing FM13 as Liverpool and want to know about the league database thing.

Currently I am running the Germany, Italy, Brazil and Argentina leagues as view only (possibly one or two more but can't remember which), the England and Spain leagues as playable.

All leagues are pretty much just the first divisions apart from the English one which stretches to the nPower League 2. (+large database)

I was just wondering how many leagues I could run and what affect it could have on my game speed, currently my game is running good but I have set the Russian and Eredevise to appeaer as view only at the end of my current season.

I'm using a laptop, running an:
Intel i3 Processor, (2.27GHz)
64 bit operating system
(If you require more information then just ask)

So I'd just like to ask what are the likely affects I could experience at the end of my current season and what are my limits in terms of leagues, also, do view only leagues affect game speed??

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if it is possible, when giving me a recommendation, can you also include the max amount of leagues before I experience slowing down for a 4GB and 6GB RAM too (looking to upgrade soon).
More players get generated after every season so you're game will get slower as it goes on. 2GB of RAM is fairly small for FM so I'd recommend using 1 maybe 2 leagues at most.
1) Change (increase) your RAM.
2) No need to go down to League 2 unless you plan to play there. Otherwise Championship is low enuff.
3) You need to find a way to have Ukraine and Norwegian top leagues also (as well as Russia etc the ones you mention) as most gems come from there.
4) You will experience slowness/game freezing etc as time passes as the database gets bigger by the year due to regens. The only way to see how much your PC can take is by trial and error.
5) Stop useless stuff from using PC memory - eg: from preferences choose not to see stadiums and scenery (untick). This is a nice precaution against game freeze etc
I also have 2 GB RAM and I play with 7 leagues. Of course it's not really fast, but it still works quite well.