Jul 25, 2013
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Ok as most people have heard Scottish football is changing and the names of the leagues are changing like so SPL now called Scottish Premiership, Scottish Division 1 is now called Scottish Championship, Division 2 Scottish league 1 and Division 3 Scottish league 2.
Im trying to add playoffs through editor but keep getting problems i know that in the new Scottish Premiership that who is ever in 11 is in the relegation play off and 2-4 in the Scottish Championship will be in the Promotion playoffs but how do i go about adding this into the leagues (its the same for the rest of the leagues in Scotland) ive used editor before just never tried to add playoffs before so any help will be great thanks very much
You set the playoff in the upper league, use the option for a relegation playoff.

Number of teams this league would be one
Number of teams from lower leagues would be set to 3.
You then need to specify the number of relegated teams from the playoff which would be 3 (Technically, 3 teams are promoted to join in the competition, then 3 need to be relegated again to balance the numbers)
I don't think you will beable to get the playoff system working correctly. In most playoffs you get 4 teams who face each other and the winner will go up. in this playoff the 2nd bottom team from the premiership only has to play the one tie. the 4th placed team from the championship will play the 3rd placed team then the winner of this will play the 2nd placed team in the championship and then the winner of that game will play 2nd bottom of the premiership. It seems to be making it as difficult as possible for a team to be promoted through the playoffs.
It drops all 4 teams into the semi-final stage, they play their single or 2 legged ties, then winners then meet int he final. It just happens to be that one of the teams is from the division above. It works in the editor if you get the numbers right.