Aditya's Winter transfer window update


Mar 17, 2010
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I normally search for LFCMarshall january update but couldn't find it so decided to make my own lol.

In this,I have:

* Transferred players to their new teams(january transfers) for eg: Bent to Villa,Dzeko to Man City,Afellay to Barcelona,Ranocchia to Inter etc...
*Edited budgets to make the game more realistic for eg. reduced Chelsea's budget to 20 mn since they don't spend big anymore. Decreased Aston Villa's transfer budget because they have already spent a lot etc....
* Corrected players PA's and CA's for eg: Increased CA and PA of Bale,increased CA of Lucas(Liverpool),increased CA and PA of Pedro,slight decrease of CA of Rooney and increased his heading,improved whole Blackpool and Newcastle teams etc.....
*Corrected player positions like Messi's AMR role etc.
*Added new players like Ryo Miyoichi etc....
*other changes: like giving Barcelona new shirt sponsors deal etc.

I hope you like it. If you like it,please positive comments!!! :)

EDIT: I have updated the link to V.2 with more updates... :)

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only england transfers?

I have done all the premier league transfers along with many foreign transfers of Italy,Spain etc...

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You obviously wernt looking then :p

this was released a week ago...

This was released like 2 months ago:

and my newest one will be released 5th febuary

EDIT: Btw you put your update in fm2009 patches :S

My bad.

BTW,now its in FM11 patches. thanks for pointing out!! :)
I didn't work for me. I downloaded it and tried to extract it with winrar, but then I got a blank sheet document. Can anybody help me?