Feb 3, 2013
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Hello ive been with my team vauxhall motors for around three seasons and have just been taken over. i decided to ask the board to push the youth level up to which they agreed. It turns out i needed new youth facilities to do this so they started a 1.3 million pound development which has put me 1.2 million pounds in debt and facing administration ??? is this normal ?????
ive now been placed under a transfer embargo and docked ten points lol
Ive never heard of this before. Seems you have some bad luck. ;) here's a few tips that could help you: Play friendlies against big teams. Sell players. Use youth. Go far in the cups. Try getting more feeder/parent clubs.
i know its mad they didnt even take out a loan im wondering where they got the cash from ? i hope they aint been doing deals with shady gangsters im too young to die
lol not one player in the whole of the world will sign for me now! I believe this is whats called a challenge
You are under a transfer embargo so it is hardly surprising no one will sign for you.
had to revert to a previous save. They would not lift the embargo until i payed back my loan which was 550k at 3k per week lol
Have the upgrade been completed? If not, it's quite likely that it would get cancelled sometime before it is completed, like a month before.