May 9, 2009
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Hi guys:)
So, i started a new game save with Sporting CP, the club i support here in Portugal, and i need a new striker because Liedson won't last much longer. I bought Ahmed Khalil but he is getting worse and worse over time and i dunno why. He even asked to go back to the UAE because he was having trouble settling.

Please note that Sporting doesn't have that much money so "Dzeko's" are out of question:p

Lets say around 5M. Maybe a few more Mil but i want to be careful with the money

Edit: I am still finishing first season
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You could get jo and or roque santa cruz on loan or buy them for a cheap price as they are usually on the transfer list at the start off the game.
Just try to go for Sanogo. He just might be available for that kind of money. I know I got him cheap, but that was before the latest patch... Can't hurt trying. If not Makengo would be good too, and for really little money.
Those two are obviously young, but since you're only looking for a longer term replacement that should do...
I tried Kadlec at the beginning of the season and he ended of in Bayern so... Imma try Sanogo
Like it was said before, Jô or Santa Cruz are good. Also Kadlec can get MASSIVE.... Kenny Miller from Rangers would be good aswell