Javier Pastore, Paulo Henrique, David Silva, Toni Kroos, Renato Augusto . There are a lot of amazaing players for that position ..
Canales becomes exceptionally awesome. Paulo Henrique is also awesome. Jack Wilshere becomes pretty good. Toni Kroos is also awesome.
Onemore question...

Pastore? Kroos? or Canales?

I need a really good playmaker...
Canales for longer term, but any of those choices is excellent.
or Coutinho... although he does play for Inter lol he is freakin awesome
canales-maybe real madrid doesnt want to sell him bcos he is good prospect for the team..kroos-maybe u must have 20++ million pound to buy him..he play important role for bayern..paulo henrique if u want to buy-maybe that team agree if u want to buy him for less than 20 million pound..he is also good..i played until 2014 and chelsea bought him in 2011 for less than 20 million pound..in 2014 he bcome shortlist for ballon d or award..good player..how much ur transfer budget and what team u managed?
^Not need... signed Pastore :p

Can I ask here for a good defender right? Or I have to open a new thread?
coutinho-maybe inter doesnt want to sell him..but u can loan him...
No mate, you don't need to open another thread .. What's your budget ?
Fabregas is the man!
If its a MC - advanced playmaker
sergio aguero attacking he bang in the goals on my game4411
Diego renan, Jonathan, Micah Richards, Azpilicueta, ect