Advice needed


Jul 15, 2015
Hi guys. As the title says, I need help/advice/suggestions on choice of tactic to use. This is the situation:

I have decided to use 4-4-2 as my main tactic. However, I need two more tactics. One for playing on defense/counterattack to defend my lead, and the second for attack to grab an equalizer if I am behind. I should also point out that I am NOT looking for any tactics/formations that exploit the match engine.

Basically, I am looking for formations that I should use for these two scenarios. So are there any suggestions from any of you? Maybe you could mention something that you have personally had success with? I was thinking 4-1-4-1 DM Wide for counter-attack, and 4-3-3 Narrow for attacking. Your thoughts on this?

Any suggestions other than the formation are also welcome, since I am dreadful at both these things (defending a lead, and chasing an equalizer), so any advice would be welcome.